Revival Services and the dread of going back to work. haha

I had a great time this weekend. The Roland Family from Morgantown, KY came up for Watch Night Service and Saturday night. They also preached both of today's services. We had a shout down service tonight. Even though I was trying to keep my slip and skirt from falling down when shouting! hahaha I guess that is a good thing. Anyways, God is good. I am excited of what he is doing and going to do this year. It is one of my goals to grow closer to Him.

So, I don't really want to go back to work tomorrow. I have a feeling that we are going to be soooo busy. See, the reps have been off work since Dec 23rd. They are going to call in with so many problems tomorrow. Guaranteed! I don't want to be there. I trained on Thursday for setting up appointments. It is better than Customer Service but a little more complicated. I am hoping that I can do that work. I really want on the email team... but don't see that happening. But, I can continue to pray and hope!

Speaking of the job, I am waiting on the IRS to call back!!! I am supposed to start training in February for Data Transcript! I have already passed the testing and was told to keep a look out in my email as well as keep my phone on! I can't wait until I hear from them. I'll be leaving this job for that one! Thank you Jesus!

Well, I am gonna go watch a movie with the hubby and eat some ice cream... hahaha not good for the diet, I know. But it is Moose Tracks. Yummm!


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