Still need help coming up with a name!!!

I had a couple of ideas but didn't end up panning out! :) So any ideas from some of you that read/have been to this blog of mine?

I haven't been able to type all day long! It has been driving me crazy. You should have seen me at work today. Someone actually did. Some guy was sitting with me doing side by sides. I was so busy he didn't even get to touch my computer. Poor guy. hahaha Anyway, I was making some horrible errors. I was typing words that didn't even make sense. My fingers just went and typed whatever they wanted. And with me having a cold or maybe it is just sinuses didn't help any. It wasn't pretty. And to top it off, of course today is a Monday! Hoping Tuesday is better!

Started studying James today! :) I am excited and hoping I can keep up with this every single day for the next 12 weeks. You can still check it out if you want to join along. See my previous post!

Well, I am going to find something to do. Let me know about a new name if you have any ideas.

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