Can You Say Ouchie!

So, Tuesday was a big day for me. I had a doctor appointment at 8 AM, then went to breakfast at Bob Evans and then from there I went over to my in-laws place to pull weeds for them because my MIL has a broken foot and can't do it right now. So, FIL said he'd pay me for doing it. There was tons of thistle to pull. Took me an hour to do the whole yard. I am hurting! The back of my legs and some of my back muscles are so sore from the way I was bending to pull! The thing is that it could be worse; however luckily I did remember to wear sunblock! So no sun burn for me!

So, the doctor appointment consisted of some good news. My A1C is lower! and so are my triglycerides and cholesterol. But, it still isn't controlled. I have to lose 20 lbs by September. And those numbers that are lower need to go even farther down. I know I can do this. It just takes control and determination! Plus she started that whatever I need to place in front of me as a motivator to do so... and I have a couple of things that I see as motivation. I can do this.

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling all that good and laid down for most of the day that is why I didn't end up blogging. Bad, I know - but it happens.

Hope you like the new blog name and design... my hubby helped me come up with the name. But it was also something that was written on a binder of mine that I recently found from my High School days that helped us come up with it! Like a Rock LOL And I came up with the tagline :D

Well, gonna go see what I can get into.

Have a happy day,

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Adina said...

Yes, you can do it!