Family Camp -Thursday Update

Hey everyone,
Thanks for being patient around here. I haven't updated because we have been at camp meeting all week. We came down here to Kentucky District UPCI Family Camp meeting for a little vacation. Well, hubby is getting vacation pay. Bro. Paul Mooney from IN and Bro. Scott Graham from MO have been wonderful. I've been enjoying the preaching and teaching! We are leaving tomorrow after the District Business meeting which hubby is sitting in on. I may take a peek into the Children's Church service while he is in that meeting. It seems like all the Children are having a lot of fun. I could catch some of Bro. Graham's bible study in the morning... but I may just go back up to the room after Breakfast and get stuff packed up for our ride home.

We will be back in town tomorrow night. We are having revival services at the Lighthouse. Tomorrow night Bro. Diedenhofer (our assistant pastor) is preaching. Saturday, my wonderful hubby is preaching and Sunday morning, Bro. John Owens from Rhode Island is preaching. You are invited. Please come if you are in the area.

I am gonna get a book tonight at Pentecostal Publishing House that is set up in the back of the tabernacle... so maybe I'll read that on the way home :) Well, this netbook is about to lose power so I better go for now. I'll update a little later.

Have a happy day,

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