So, I am finally getting my blog the way I want it for now... I am currently working on a website (which my hubby's help of course) as well. That will be interesting, I think I am going to tie my blog into that some how... :)

We had a nice day today. We went to the church bright and early because the men were having a men's prayer and breakfast. I helped my wonderful Pastor's Wife in the kitchen... Thanks to Sis. Deb for the Gravy and Amish Sweet Rolls that she made. It made me and my Pastor's Wife's job a whole lot easier in not having to cook gravy. So the menu this morning was
Fresh Fruit (Cantaloupe, Strawberries and Pineapple),
Biscuits (Bought at Sams Club-They were Pillsbury already baked just heat. They almost burnt because the paper bottom that is supposed to be able to be put in the oven started burning.. It was hilarious seeing Sis. Smith try to pull them out of the oven. She said she was going to contact Pillsbury. We had a good laugh. They were a little crisp!)
Sausage Gravy
Scrambled Eggs
Sausage Links and Patties
Amish Sweet Rolls

It turned out lovely and I heard that our Presbyter of Section U did a wonderful job bringing forth a message before the Prayer. Glad to hear that and glad that Bro. Eades could make it to the Lighthouse.

After we cleaned up, we left and followed Pastor and his Wife to their condo and got something that we were needing to get. Then we departed and came home for a few hours. Travis took a nap... I didn't which is weird because normally that would be me.... HA! I played around on this Netbook.

He got up and we got ready and left for Sharonville. Went to MicroCenter to return his Sony E-reader. He is going to get a Motorola XOOM. We ended up getting me a new Processor, Motherboard and Ram because my computer died... that is why I am using my little Toshiba netbook! Can't wait until it is fixed. I think I am going to try Linux on it and see how I like it.

We went to Firehouse Subs and I really enjoyed it! I didn't try any of the hot sauces though... Next time, I will. I love love love their drink station. It has over 100 drinks that you could get. I had Raspberry Coke Zero and it was GLORIOUS! I also had their Cherry Coke Zero and Cherry Limeade but that really isn't as different and worth blogging as the amazing Raspberry!!!! I recommend them! 2 Thumbs Up. I had the 12inch Club on Wheat if you are wondering what sub I got.

We left there and went back to the church and prayed for a good 30 minutes. Travis felt the urge to pray at church since he is speaking about "Bethel" in the morning. We went over to our friends Vicki and Mike's house afterwards to say Hi and that we had been missing them at church. They hadn't been there for 3 services or so, so we thought that we would stop by. It was nice fellowship and we will see them in the morning. Visit Bro. Mike and Bro. McKenzie's Youtube clip to hear them sing and some of the inside of our church HERE.

So, now we have been home for 4 hours or so. I have studied my lesson for in the morning. Teaching on Praying for Meekness and also about not having Jealousy in their hearts to my Pre-Teens. We should be getting ready for bed shortly, although I know my handsome hubby is still studying for his sermon in the morning.

I leave you with this photo of us from this Easter! He is too cute. Love this Man!

Have A Happy Day,


Adina said...

That meal sounds amazing! I like your photo!

Roxanna said...

@Adina - It was really good food! and thanks... I think the photo turned out good.