Such A Good Time

Camp Meeting ended on Friday. We came home early because of revival services this past weekend at our church. It took me all day yesterday to recover (although I did have to do 5 loads of laundry.) We had such a good time at camp meeting. The messages were on target. The food was not bad at all and we had an air conditioner in our room. Hallelujah! Revival services at the Lighthouse were great. Bro. John Owens from Rhode Island preached on Sunday and did great. My husband preached on Saturday and did great. And Bro. Sam preached on Friday night and it was a great message as well.

In other news I've been trying to get this apartment in order... It is coming together slowly. And I really need to apply for some jobs so that I can keep my unemployment. But more importantly, get a job!

I did tell the hubby that I need a vacation though... sure getting away from home was a vacation but I need a vacation from that. :)

Have a happy night,

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