Fun Day!

I just have to say that I had a really fun day today with my husband and earlier on in the day with some friends from church :)

We got up a little late but it is Saturday so why not sleep in a little?

First stop, UDF to meet up with the soon to be Todds and then Bro. Darrell showed up. We had some ice cream and it was nice fellowship. Then, we went to the Levee with Bro. Darrell and walked around for a bit. It started to pour and we were standing underneath an awning of Barnes and Noble. Bro. Darrell went his separate way; and the hubby and I went to Newport Aquarium. We had complimentary tickets which was really nice to get to go in free of charge. Thanks to some wonderful friends who moved away :( We had a great time. After that, we went to eat at PepperPod in Newport. A little diner type restaurant. After that we went to the in-laws place and she gave us some stuff to bring home and I got some scrapping stuff... pretty cool! Came home and I made Strawberry Banana shakes... Yum.

Will have pictures up hopefully tomorrow on the blog of our eventful day :) I have to edit them and save them, and all that fun stuff!

Question: do you think the emoticons ( aka :) smileys ) are stupid in a blog? I like using them.

Have a happy day,

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Kathy said...

Sounds like a fun day! We love going to the aquarium and the levy, Jonathan likes to eat at Johnny Rockets!
I don't think smiley faces (or frowny faces) are stupid....:)