Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day. It was a nice day. We slept in too long this morning... I guess that is why I am still up at 12:30. We went over to Granny's for a cook-out. Burgers, Hot Dogs, Baked Beans and Potato Salad. It was all good. :) After that Travis fell asleep on a recliner while Granny, MIL and me played Phase 10. It was really fun. MIL ended up winning! I came in second and then Granny lost. But, with them not having played it before, they caught on quick. I think we might end up playing on Friday after a trip to Jungle Jims! ;-) Speaking of Jungle Jims, Travis and I went there on Saturday. We had a fun time... Here are just a couple pictures!

Over 1400 different hot sauces. This is obviously just one aisle :)

This is a picture of a Taxi from India. It was actually used in India before coming to Jungle Jims. It is tiny. Not sure if I could drive a taxi in India.

We went to The Root Beer Stand afterwards for food. I didn't like the burger I got so I gave the rest to my hubby. But their floats are always delightful! :)

Back to today, we came home today and I made us some dinner. He had a sandwich and a Smartones. I made me a salad. It was really good. Here is a picture of it before I added some cheddar cheese, Salad Toppins, and Apple Cider Vinegar!

I just got caught up on my Bible reading. I am following the plan that Her Noble Character blogged about recently. It is a 6 month plan. So, you can still join in! I missed two days, Saturday and Sunday. So I read 18 chapters tonight to catch up!

Hope your 4th was great! Let me know what you did... Comment below!

Have a happy day,

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Kathy said...

Sounds like a fun day! I've never been to Jungle Jim's, I need to take Jonathan there. We had our July 4th celebration on the 2nd, because our town's parade and fireworks are on the Sat closest to the 4th. Read about our day on my blog post about it, it was fun!