Nothing Is Worse Than...

losing your memory.

My friend Chris was in an accident yesterday... He was riding a quad and flipped over it. He has a severe concussion. I felt so bad for him and still do because he is having memory problems. It happened around 6 PM Saturday July 2nd. He was in IN when it happened and Sis. Vivian brought him to KY because she heard that the Kentucky hospital was better than Indiana's.... So, it took her about an hr to get there. We got a call from Sis. Betty at church to start praying. We decided to go to the hospital... I called Sis. Vivian and told her we were coming and to see what happened. We got to the hospital and he was just coming out of X-ray and CT-Scan. Bro. D (the Asst Pastor) beat us there and went to see Chris and came out and gave us an update. He said that records showed everything was clear. But, he was still in a loop of asking the same questions. We went to the back to see him and I just felt so bad. He was weepy. He is a big guy and I just never saw him weepy. It was the scared, weepy. Felt so bad for him!

We left the hospital around 11PM and went over to his house. I was surprised they even let him go home. We stayed there until 2 in the morning. He still was asking questions when we left. What day it was? What happened? How much he owed? What was the date? When was he getting married? Today, I was told that he didn't know who Madison and Cayden were. This is not good because he is pretty close to both these little girls. They are Tiffhanie's (his fiance) nieces. Praying that he gets well soon.

On a lighter subject, Travis and I are starting to vlog. We are going to be editing the ones that we did while at Family camp. I will upload them once we get them done. I am sure that you will find them quite delightful. I am so dorky in them. So do subscribe for some more dorkiness! :)

Have a happy day,


Kathy said...

I am sorry to hear of your friend's accident and I pray he heals completely, Roxie. Looking forward to the vlog!

Adina said...

That's really sad. I hope he gets better.

Roxanna said...

Thanks. We checked on him tonight and he said he could still use the prayers. Apparently, he is having some problems remembering some ppl.