Going Back To School?

So, I have really been thinking lately about going back to school. Mainly because I am tired of hunting for jobs and not being skilled in them. I am going to check out what grants I can possibly get. I'd love to be able to afford going back to school with merely no costs other than books/supplies. To be perfectly honest, I haven't a clue as to what to take up. I am thinking that since I went to The Phlebotomy Training Center in Pittsburgh back in 2000 that I should just take the 9 week course at TMIKY for Phlebotomy. I can get my certification and just get a job in that. I have already found so many jobs for that online in this area. I don't know for sure. I've got a couple things that are holdin me back from that. I have been really wondering what would make me happy. What career would honestly make me happy? Maybe you have a suggestion? Leave me a comment in the comment area below... Please.

This is me:
1. As much as I like to talk to people, I really am a loner. haha I'd love to do something where I don't have to interact with people that much. Maybe one on one every now and then, but not all of the time. I didn't like working at Convergys talking to people back to back all day long. I didn't like having to talk to people at Walmart all day long either. Now, at the IRS I just sat there with my headphones on and jammed to my music. Talked to my neighbor every now and then but mainly kept to myself and made sure I made quota. I love jobs like that.
2. Is there something that I could do at home?
3. FACT IS: I haven't a clue what I am passionate about other than working for Jesus and being with my hubby!

I wish there was something I could do that I could get rich quick. HAHA Don't we all. I promise that I would love to chill at home doing odd and end jobs, have a baby, and let hubby bring all the monies home. Still dreaming.

Maybe Medical Coding? Can't you do that from home. What are some jobs that you can do at home but require you to go to college? Go ahead name them! (Down in the comments. Type fast)

Well, it is late here but I am thinking up a storm so I figured I'd update the blog. Sorry, I have been missing in action. Finally got my desktop back up and running! Thanks to my best friend lover guy! Oh and I also bought me a brand new desk chair today. Super excited about that. I still have to assemble it. It will be assembled tomorrow and I may take a picture for my viewers. You just don't know how much this chair I am sitting in now annoys me. The back won't stay adjusted. It is going in the dumpster!!!

Onto see what I can find to do... I should be going to bed shortly!

Have a happy night,

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