Walgreens Shopping on 8/30/2011

Figured I'd start posting what I am bringing home and how I did it.

So, I went to one store and they didn't have some items so I had to go to another store. This picture shows the items that I got from both stores. I started my shopping off with $13 Register Rewards in hand as well as Coupons.

Receipt 1:
4 Bags of M&Ms 4/$10
2 Playtex Sport Tampons $3.99 each
I had 2 $1 off two coupons for the M&Ms
I had 2 $1 off coupons for the tampons
Used $10 Register Rewards
Paid Out of Pocket $4.88
Got back $6 Register Rewards

Receipt 2:
Carmex Lime Twist Lip Balm $1.50
2 Planters Peanut Butter $1.50 each
I had .50 cent coupon for the lip balm
I had .75 cent coupon for the peanut butter
Used $3 Register Rewards
Paid out of pocket .34
Got back $1.50 Register Rewards

Pretty sweet deal. Now I have 7.50 RR to go into next shopping trip.

Have a happy day,

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