Ice Cream

I think it is an addiction! Good one to have don't get me wrong but if you a diabetic? LOL Maybe not a good idea to eat is so late! I always have a sweet tooth really late in the evening and I don't think a piece of fruit will cut it! What do you think? Do you like ice cream or are you a cake person?

What is your favorite ice cream brand/flavor?

BTW, I did get ice cream tonight. We went to Kroger and I got some of their brand Artisan Vanilla Bean. Pretty good... I also got some Hershey's Hot Fudge. Yum.

Have a happy night,


Kathy said...

I love ice cream, butter pecan is my favorite, Kroger's Private Selection.

Roxanna said...

Kroger used to have a Butter Almond, sugar free. I loved that but haven't been able to find it!