All Blessed Up!

I had a great day today. God is so good. This morning, I had 8 in my Sunday School class. I taught about Adam and Eve. The Bible point today was "Say No To The Devil." It was a really nice class even if the kids were a little hyper! It is so good to have kids returning... There is this one little guy who has been coming that is just soaking it all up. I love that! :)

This afternoon, my husband had an invitation to preach in Crittenden. Bro. Darrell joined us on the trip. It was a good service. It was shorter than we are used too and funny thing is that they covered everything (opening remarks, prayer, testimony, song service, preaching, altar, dismissal). He said we were on the road longer than actually being in church... haha It was an honor being there to worship and fellowship with them.

We headed to Wendy's after service and ate with a couple and their two sons. That was nice. Then, Bro. Darrell, my hubby and I went to Walmart to kill some time. We went to church after that. Bro. Sam preached tonight out of Jonah. His title was "Stop Messing with the Mariners." What a great Word!

After service tonight, we went to Frish's first with Bro. & Sis. Hall and I got a slice of Apple Pie with ice cream and hubby got Oreo Cheesecake. We sat and talked with them for a bit and then left. Travis and I went to Applebees after that! LOL Yum! We were so hungry because we didn't eat that much at Wendy's and neither had Breakfast... So don't judge! haha

We are all blessed up! How about you today?

‎11.6.11 - Today, I thank God for my in-laws!

Have a happy night,

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