Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping!

So, I just wanted to post that I got some good deal at Wally World last night! I spend 73.79 and all of the items were items that were in the ad for the 10pm sale.
I got 2 pillows, a rug, ninja treat/drink maker (get to make smoothies again), wax warmer with 2 wax melts included, Bones Seasons 2 and 3, Princess Bride on Blu-Ray. The receipt shows that I saved $15 but it didn't show my savings for the other four items. All of these items are for at home use. Haha None are gifts. I had fun shopping.

Today, I bought 2 pairs of pants for my husband on and am just having them shipped to the store. I'll go pick them up. I hope they fit him alright. I am so mad at myself though because I didn't go through MyPoints for that and I could have got 2 points for every dollar spent! *sad face*

Not sure what deals are out there for Cyber Monday yet but I know I need to get some Christmas shopping done! I am going to try to make it to Walgreens as well. I've got a whole list of stuff that ends up being free after Register Rewards and also some profit using coupons! Now that is pretty good!

One last thing for now, today is Friday which means it is Mega Swag Bucks Day! That means Swag Bucks is giving away upwards of 400,000 Swag Bucks today – and you can earn anywhere from 30-1000 for one search.

What are Swag Bucks, exactly? They are electronic bucks that you earn for searching the web – something that most of us do every day right? You can then redeem these for items such as gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Southwest Airlines credits plus more. Further increase your chances of earning bucks by referring friends, using the Swag Bucks toolbar, and reading the Swag Bucks Facebook page and blog.

I have been using Swag Bucks for awhile now, and I love them! My favorite items to save for are Amazon and Starbucks gift cards!

Here is a picture of me with a Starbucks gift card from Swagbucks!

If you aren’t already using Swag Bucks, learn more and sign up here.

Have a happy day,

Search & Win

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