Organization! I need some in my life!

It is true. I really need it in my life! I have always made lists but lately I haven't been doing that great of a job getting the tasks done and crossing them off. I have found quite a few other bloggers that have made some printables to help me on this. I was thinking about make some of my own and letting people download them from me if they want. Check out The Peaceful Mom and Money Saving Mom if you need help in meal planning, household management, daily planning or even a password keeper! These two ladies have great ideas and helpful ways to get those tasks done that you need to get done.

So, what made me think that I need more organization? Doing the bills! I've got some bills due the beginning of the month, some the middle and some the end! I need help! lol Do you ever panic because you think you missed a payment and are late? I did that tonight. I wasn't late if you are wondering but whew what a panic! :) So, I am gonna try to find something I can use to make sure I've got a little organization for this matter!

I really like Money Saving Mom's personal daily docket, she has a place for the amount of water she drinks, exercise and bible reading! Very awesome.

What do you use or do to keep organized?

Have a happy night,

Also to start November off right, I am going to be posting on my Facebook and on my blog every day something I am grateful for. I love Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday.

11.1.11 - I thank God for his blessings on me! Biggest blessing is my husband. Thank you God for this man of God! ♥

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