Today's Test Is Tomorrow's Testimony!

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't updated for about a week or so. I don't have a good excuse this time. Really, I have had blogger opened in a tab on my browser and just haven't updated. I haven't even updated my Thanksgiving thankfuls! But I have kept up with them on Facebook. So, if you would to check out me on there you can. My Facebook

Our car has been broke down for a week. Then, we thought we got it fixed this past Saturday. It ran Saturday and yesterday!! Hubby went out to start it and leave for work and it wouldn't work! So, I don't know... We think we know what it is. Saturday, we changed the fuel filter... But think the real culprit is the fuel pump. We will see. I hope we get it fixed soon!

I am just grateful to know that today's problems and tests are tomorrow's testimonies!

So, what am I thankful for today?

Those tests that are my testimonies!

Well, I am off to try to pick up and then vacuum!

Have a happy day,

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