Snow! Go Away!

Hi ladies and gents,

I am not sure about my other fellow Kentuckians but I could do without the rain and the snow! It started off raining! And then it ended up snowing! And it is still snowing but it isn't sticking! I am sure it is affecting the way people are driving today. Christmas is over and I could really do without snow.

Enough about that! I am gonna make some Chili tonight. I've been wanting some since Sunday when we went over to Tiffhanie's and Chris' house. He made some and I had one bowl and now I want to make my own! So I'll be making my Turkey Chili, you can find that link HERE. It will be really good!

I'll be going shopping to get the ingredients in a couple hours when my husband gets home. I am also going to be doing some shopping for some discounted holiday items at Walmart and then do some couponing at Walgreens. I got a good deal that expires today. I'll be sure to let you know. The coupon expires today for the Delica that I printed off of Smartsource a while back. Walgreens has a store coupon for 10 off. Which makes it a 10 Money Maker. Anyway, I'll be going to get that and hopefully they have it! I'll be sure to let you know what I end up getting. I am thinking about doing a video on it because it is such a great deal. We shall see.

Also, I've got a review coming soon on something I received in the mail so be sure to continue to read my blog!

Can't wait for some Chili!

Have a happy day and tell this snow to go away,

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