Review: Crest® 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips

So, I have been using these Crest® 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips for a while. I haven't been using them daily though like it is suggested because my teeth are a bit sensitive. But, I do have to say that these Whitestrips work great! I love the look and the feel of my teeth after I take them off.

A couple of cons about this product are:

1. The Strips that come in this Professional Effects box you leave on for 30 minutes. That seems like a long time to me. I have used the Whitestrips that you leave on for 15 minutes so an extra 15 minutes seemed like a long time.

2. Not to be gross or anything but these made my mouth just fill with saliva! I had to spit several times. Below is a picture of me with the Strips on. You can see all of the bubbling that it is doing and this was a couple minutes after putting the Strips on my teeth. Ignore my crooked smile. LOL

Okay, here are just a few reasons why you might want to try them if you haven't already!

~A whiter smile after just 3 days
~Full results in 20 days
~Professional-level results at a fraction of the cost vs. light & laser systems

Who wants to spend all that money on Professional level whitening when you can get it for less? Anyways, let me know if you have tried any of these Whitestrips or if you have tried Crest Whitestrips in general! And if you do end up trying them because of this review, let me know. I'd love to know how it turned out!

I got a free box of Crest® 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips via Influenster. I have been given this opportunity to review the product. You have just read my own opinion.

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Merry Christmas :)

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November Freebies

I know I am a little late, but it is the holiday season! So, here is what I got free in the mail for the month of November!

I've already got a lot of stuff in for December so be on the lookout for that towards the beginning of 2013!

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Christmas Time Is Here.... Keep Your Family Near.

So, we had our annual Christmas Banquet at the church tonight. It was good. Although, Hubby overdid it in the food department and made himself sick! Or maybe someone made something that made him that way! Either way, he is sick and sleeping right now.

I thought the entertainment tonight was good. It was by a guy named Jennings B. Barnett who impersonates Red Skelton and he told a lot of jokes and did some skits. His website is if you'd like to check it out. I noticed that he has some skits uploaded on Youtube too.

I made the Cheddar Ranch Cheeseball and Eclair Cake again. Seems like it is what I bring for every church food get together! It is good though, that is why I make it!

Have you got all your Christmas shopping done? I'm just trying to get a list together on what more I need to buy. I am not done unfortunately and my family back in WV will probably end up getting their stuff late. Better late than not getting it at all.

In light of what happened yesterday, prayers going out to Newton, CT. I don't have any children. But, I couldn't even imagine not being able to celebrate the holidays with my children or loved ones. Or knowing that you sent them off to school and then aren't returning home for you to tuck them in bed. Those children and adults who lost their lives in the shooting, I feel so bad for their families. I feel bad for that community. My heart aches for them. I pray comfort and God's peace that passes all understanding! Keep them in your prayers! And hug your loved ones a little tighter!

Good nite and have a happy one,


My Experience with Torani!!!

I absolutely love this stuff! I can't believe that I haven't bought it before now knowing how good these syrups actually are! Of course, I noticed that the only flavor our neighborhood Kroger store sells is Vanilla.

So, last night I made some shakes with the Pumpkin Pie syrup that was sent to me by SheSpeaks and Torani. It was so good!! I made my hubby two servings and put it in a big glass and made me one serving. He said, "I have a problem. I want more." It made me chuckle. So, I must say having used this syrup for the first time, it sure did have a wonderful first impression with us.

Here is my recipe:

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake
Serving size: 1

2 TBSP of Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Syrup
3 Scoops of Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream
A pinch or two of Cinnamon
1/2 cup of milk

Combine all ingredients into blender. Blend Well. Pour into glass and enjoy!

What a yummy treat. I am thinking about making one again tonight!

Right now, I am enjoying some coffee! It is 9PM. I hope that it doesn't keep me up all night! Anyway, I have some of the Sugar Free Hazelnut syrup in my coffee. It is so good. I just added 2 TBSPs to my normal cup of Joe. It makes a world of difference. It is very delicious!

Hope that you enjoyed this little review! Definitely add some flavor to your coffee or vanilla shake! There is a special right now until 11:59PM tonight. Use offer code SheSpeaks and you can get 10% off. Go to!

By the way, this is a sponsored post by SheSpeaks and Torani. I was sent the syrups to review. You have been given my honest opinion!


The Green Mountain Wellness Collection

Do you like the Green Mountain brand of coffee? I love it. I love their Breakfast blend.

I was given a chance to try the Wellness Collection using my Keurig. Last night, I tried the Focus Blend. Let me just tell you that it smells wonderful and tastes great. The Focus Blend is an Arabica coffee and has 50mg of L-Theanine in it. It doesn't compromise the taste of the coffee at all. I had this pretty late last night so I can't tell you how much of a focus it gave me. I will definitely be drinking some in the morning the next time I make it to see how much focus it gives me.

So, this afternoon I made me some of the Antioxidant Blend. I am really hoping that this helps me a bit because I have been under the weather the last 3 days or so. This blend is a healthy choice too. It is a good source of vitamins C and E. I should also mention that these coffees are Fair Trade Certified making the coffee even better.

Give Green Mountain Coffee Wellness Collection a try. Let me know if you'd like to try it. I have a coupon code that can be entered at at checkout for some money off your purchase! Just send me a comment below or email me for it!

I am a BzzAgent :) I was sent some coupons and some samples to try and to give to others. I am giving you my honest opinion on the product.

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Just a quick update! I'll have some more reviews coming soon. And I think that I'll be updating my blog with a new template soon too! Not sure if it will be something seasonal or not! That means I better start working on a new banner. :)

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Freebies in the month of October!

So, I did a little picture taking of every freebie that I got in the mail in the month of October. Here is a collage of those pictures! I think I got some good ones! Especially the leopard beauty bag from Target with all its freebies in it!

What is your favorite kind of freebie? :) food, beauty, beverage?

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I've got another post coming soon. Hopefully tonight! I am currently at my MIL's about to help her rearrange her kitchen! Should be nice. Hope we get it done quickly :)

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Set your mind on this above, not on this in this world.

I made this and posted it my Facebook Wall today. I got caught up on my Colossians study today. These are the verses for yesterday and today! As I read them, I thought about this song! Hope you like it. It is an old one!

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Thinking about him!! Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. It is also Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month! I don't think it gets enough attention due to the fact that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Anyway, today at 7PM light a candle for those who have lost a baby due to still birth & miscarriage. I know I'll be participating!

I've been thinking about my little guy today. Well, there is hardly a day that goes by that I don't. There are always those reminders. It is hard sometimes because I know around what age he would be with his due date having been my birth date. And seeing other toddler's around that age is one of the reminders. But, instead of a lot of grief there have been a lot of smiles. I can smile because of the fact that I got to carry him as far as I did and I know he has a lot of tender loving care right now.

I have a couple sonogram pictures that I haven't shared with you. I haven't shared them on Facebook either. I feel that I want to share them on my blog today. I've been meaning to for a while now. This sonogram was done 12 hours before I miscarried.

David Ahaziah

His cute profile.

His cute face.

His adorable little foot!

Check out Missy's Video about Helping Friends Cope with Loss. If you are struggling with words to comfort your friend, wife, daughter, or just someone that has loss, I think the best thing you can do is be a listener. That is one of the points she makes in her video. You can find her blog here: She just started making videos and I think she wouldn't mind me letting you all know about her and them. She lost a two babies. You can see her story on her Youtube Channel and blog.

That is all for now, I've got to get back to cleaning!

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Attention Bloggers! Check out this giveaway!

Attention other bloggers!
I have yet to design my own at but there is a giveaway going on where you can win a free design. So go check it out and let them know that I sent you over!!!

There are five ways to enter!

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Not bad at all!!

So, I have managed to blog most of September! How amazing is that!!! Not bad at all! LOL I didn't blog yesterday because I was just not feeling it at all. I was having back pain and went to bed earlier than usual.

Last night's service was awesome. From beginning to end in my opinion. God is so good. People's families are coming to church and realizing that church is what they need! I am excited for Bellevue. My husband preached and he just keeps getting better and better. I wonder if he saw me just smiling away at him from up in the balcony.

Not much going on for today. I am gonna have a late lunch in about an hour with my MIL. Our appointments with the Chiropractor got cancelled because his wife finally went into labor! I think she was like 17 days late! So, I see him next Monday. Hope my pain subsides or I can keep the pain down with pain reliever.

I've got to do a few things around here today including my grocery list, so I better go!!

Hope you have a happy day,


Hayride, Hayride

Hi, it is really late but I am going to be putting up pictures soon that I took during the hayride. So stay tuned for that! We had a great time. 83 people showed up! Very awesome! I'll probably have those pictures up in about two to three days. I am thinking I might edit them in Photoshop Elements first :)

Well, church in about 8 hours!

Have a happy night,


Tomorrow's plans

Nothing to exciting to add except tomorrow a big day is planned. Annual Fall Hayride at the Halls! We are going to Rabbit Hash General Store... should be fun. Can't wait. Hope I don't fall off the hayride ;-)

I am gonna try to take some pictures!

Have a happy nite,


Relaxing Day I guess...

I guess you can say I had sort of a relaxed day. I went to lunch with my MIL. It was yummy. Paid for lunch with one of my reward cards that I got in the mail for doing surveys! Thank you MyPoints!

I went to Walmart and picked up some Apple Turnovers in the fridge section.

Came home, did a little housework, started dinner. We tried the Italian Chicken Packets recipe on ReadySetEat. It was pretty good. I'd put half the Italian dressing in next time. I served it over thin spaghetti! And then made the Apple Turnovers a little bit after dinner was finished. Yum! I am loving Apple this season!

Wish I could go to the Applefest next weekend in Wellsburg, WV! :( Too bad I am 5 hours away! Such is life. I miss the good ole Applefest! It is its 34th Annual! Wow, I am almost as old as it. Here is an article on more about the Applefest: Click Here

I'm just a small town girl...

Didn't have any idea that this was gonna end up being about the Applefest. It just transpired.

Good night! Have a happy one,


The Word on Wednesday - Daniel

Tonight, I taught on Daniel not eating what the king's court ate and obeying God's law! Daniel had made up his mind he was going to obey God no matter what. He wasn't going to eat the King's food. He was only going to eat what God had commanded. So God was with Daniel.

If we obey God, he will be with us!

Daniel said let me and my friends eat what God has commanded. Give us vegetables and water. After 10 days, compare us against the others who have eaten the king's food and see who looks healthier.

So, that is what they did. After 10 days, Daniel and his friends were healthier and stronger than the ones who had eaten the royal food. From that time forward, they were allowed to follow God and eat what He had commanded them to eat.

However, God had bigger and better things for Daniel! He has bigger and better things planned for us if we obey.

The training for the Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah began, and God gave them great success in everything they did. After training, all the Israelites were brought to King Nebuchadnezzar. No matter what question the king asked, or what problem he devised, the four friends knew ten times more than anyone in the whole kingdom. Eat your veggies people!!!

And so Daniel and his friends were appointed to the king’s royal court.

It was all God’s doing. God had put them there for a reason. I am not sure exactly what God had planned for them but he was about to show out and do some great things!

What a great story and example this is of being obedient to what God says. If He makes it a law, we ought to follow!

Have a happy nite,


The results are in

Not what I wanted to see in the results from all the chiropractic tests yesterday. But, things will get better! I don't have anything interesting to write tonight. Sorry for that.

Have a happy nite,


For A Good Cause... Above And Beyond

So, I went to the Chiropractor today and what a chiropractor does is amazing. LOL I can't say I am pain free but he pinpointed the pain on the dot! See I got x-rays and was told where it was. He didn't see the x-rays or get any doctor forms and was able to tell me that same spot! So, I had the consultation, then some therapy and then he did a minor adjustment. I go back tomorrow at 12:30!

Anyways, you are probably wondering what my title means today!? The restaurant Chili's donated 100% of net profit to St. Jude's Hospital today! How awesome is that! So, I went there for lunch with my MIL and Granny. The general manager Adam on Houston Rd is awesome. The waiter brought my MIL's burger out with tomato and onion and she asked for neither to be put on it. So, the manager apologized and took it right back and fixed it. He gave her $20 for the next visit to Chili's and a free dessert for the whole table to share. Way above and beyond customer service!
With all profits going to St. Jude's, we all gave $1 and both my MIL and I bought a t-shirt which was $12 each and since the t-shirts had already been paid for by Chili's the profits go to St. Jude's! It is just great to be able to support a good cause. One of my memories from living back home with my parents was watching the telethons or whatever they call it now for the hospital. Hope you'll visit your Chili's and donate something via Create-a-pepper card. There is still time to do it! :)

Have a happy nite,


Happy Anniversary to our Friends!

One of the many stain glass windows at Lighthouse Ministries.

Good Sunday to you all!

I enjoyed the day! Taught Sunday School this morning about Moses and his excuses! Hoping that the preteens will take it home with them and simmer and think about it. We need to not make excuses!

Went out to lunch with our friends Tiffhanie and Chris! Their 1 year anniversary is tomorrow! Do you remember me getting my hair permed last year for the wedding? I posted a picture... Do you remember me being a bridesmaid in their wedding? I think I mentioned it.

Here is a couple pictures of that! I thought I had blogged about it but I just looked and I didn't! *smh* It was a beautiful wedding!

So, there you have it. They survived a year successfully. We went back to their new apartment that they just finished moving into yesterday. It is nice and bigger than ours. It made me kinda jealous and anxious to find something else. After that we went back to church for our evening service! Bro. G.L. Vittitow from Louisville preached tonight and the message was "There's Nobody Like Jesus!" It was a great service. Can't say I felt all that great throughout with the back/hips hurting and then I ended up having tummy issues and heartburn/indigestion during the service too! Oh well. I told my friend Flo (who has been under the weather lately) that one day we won't have to worry about being sick anymore because we'll be in heaven! Until then, there is going to be suffering. Hope that some of that suffering is put to ease tomorrow at the Chiropractor's though!

Gonna head to bed soon! Have a great Monday!


Have a mentioned...

that I really enjoy Saturdays with my husband!

There is just something about having the whole day together to do anything we want to do... and not be bothered. That was today for the most part and I loved every minute of it.

There is just something about this man of God! I love him! I haven't said it enough within these last almost 8 years of marriage!!

I don't take enough pictures of him! This picture is one of him preaching and it was before the church got remodeled!

Happy First Day of Fall! and hope you have a blessed Sunday.

Have a happy nite,


Motivation, I need it.

Seriously, I really need some motivation. Okay maybe I just need a back that works. So, I have a chiropractor appointment set up but what I didn't mention is that his wife is due any day now with a wee little one! And, if she goes into labor, he will be taking the week off of work. Which would make my appointment voided completely! I was recommended by my Pastor's wife to go to him and I am really wanting to because others from my church see him too. They say he is really good at what he does! I don't really want to have to set up an appointment with anyone else.

So back to the motivation thing.

How do you do it? Really! What is your secret for being so productive/motivated? My friend posted the other day on Facebook... "In 5hrs, I will wake up run at least 3 miles, do homework, head to class, do homework and then head to work. It's going to be a great day!!!" I got from just reading that! And replied back to her asking her for some of her motivation!
Maybe once my back is feeling better, I will have more productive days! Maybe once I find a job, I will have more productive days. Or once I go back to school I will have more productive days!
So, three things to do. Fix Back, Find Job, Finish FASFA and find schooling that I want to do. Sounds simple?! *shrugs* I just don't know about that. However, Eleanor Roosevelt said, "With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."

Have a happy nite,


Q & A???

Nothing interesting happened today. Running out of things to write about, especially when I have a boring day! And I am trying to write every day! Feel free to ask me questions and I will reply with a Q & A post! Comment below!

I'll leave you with this quote:
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. -Helen Keller

Enjoy the adventure :-)

Have a happy nite,


Doctor Results...

So, I didn't write about this yesterday but my doctor's assistant called me back yesterday about my back. I have narrowing and compressing of my lumber and sacral, I think those are the ones. LOL Anyways, that is why I am so much pain. It it what he thought - those nerves are being pinched. There was 3 options - MRI, refer to back specialist or chiropractor. He first suggested me going to Chiropractor so that is what I am going to do in a few days probably. If not this week next week. I hope something can be done. I am tired of being in so much pain!

Trying to get house work done is so hard because of my back pain. It is causing me not to get as much done as I want to! There is so much I could be doing but it just hurts to be standing for so long and I can't bend the way I would like and so on. You get the picture.

So guess we will see how going to the Chiropractor works out!

Have a happy day,


Bible Study: The Book Of Colossians

Good Evening!!
I had no idea what I was going to write about tonight because honestly I've got nothing. I went to lunch and that is just about the excitement of my day. However, I started studying the book of Colossians with Good Morning Girls today! I was going to start my own group and have other friends join me but I waited to late.

So, I joined a group of ladies on FB! They seem like a great bunch of girls! I am excited to have started this and pray that I am faithful in keeping up with it! In studying today, I learned that I need to thank God more for the workers in my church. Music ministry, those who clean, those who do maintenance etc... Also, that Paul heard that the saints in Colosse had faith in Christ and a love for all saints. I hope it will be said in the end that I am faithful and that I had a love for all!

Well that is my thoughts for today! If you are interested in studying along you can find information HERE. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you studied today.

*yawn* Extremely tired tonight and still on some muscle relaxers so it makes it worse!

Have a happy nite,


My Weaknesses

I saw a girl vlog about a few of her weaknesses and it gave me the idea to blog about some of mine!! I am not going to elaborate, there is no need to! You can see why!





5. Internet. There is so much stuff to do online now that it does distract you from the real world. Don't believe me? Well you are reading this blog right now, aren't you? You could be doing something more productive in your life!

Okay, the bread not that much anymore but it really used to be a problem. I don't cook fries at the house unless it is sweet potato fries. :) But when I go out, sometimes I get them and that just isn't good. Chocolate, I can't say no... LOL And the number one worse weakness is Ice Cream. I love me some ice cream.

These weaknesses are not good for a diabetic. LOL All of them are pretty much no-nos. In moderation, yes. But who wants one scoop of ice cream, when you can get two. Haha!

What are some of your weaknesses? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a happy nite,