I hate the smell of...

So, today I had my 3-month appt with my diabetes doctor. Good news is that my A1C is lower. It went from 8.3 to 7.9 but the bad news is that it is still too high. It is ideal to have it under 7.0. So, we went over a few things and she stated that I am maxed out on all my meds and we have got to get my sugar level down. Obviously. I've also got elevated blood pressure and of course my triglycerides and cholesterol are still high. They should lower once my sugars are under control and I lose the weight. So, the only choice was to put me on insulin. And I hate the smell of it :( I took my first dose tonight at 11. It has honestly made me sick. Not because of the medicine but because of the smell. haha. I guess I'll see how my sugar reacted in the morning.

So, I am taking advantage of SparkPeople. I signed up before and never got the hang of it and deleted it and then created a new acct back in September. I've just now finished my SparkPage and my first blog entry over there. If you are on SparkPeople please add me as a SparkFriend! I am going to be blogging over there about my weight, what I eat, my sugars, whatever else I feel like doing. I hope I can use this tool as effective as possible! I want to meet my goals.

Also, I want to plan more, make a routine and stick with it. The diabetes educator said today "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I don't want to do that and when you think about that quote. There is a lot of truth to it. So here is hoping that I can stick with my routine and accomplish my goals. *raises an 8 oz. bottle of water*

So that is my lovely news for today! Hopefully it will be something less depressing tomorrow.

Have a happy nite,

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