I am determined to do this... I can see some changes in my sugars already! But of course that is going to happen if you are watching what you eat and exercise, which I should have been doing all along.

I've got to go grocery shopping. But, I am finding that I am not wanting to make some of the recipes that I am seeing. It just isn't me. I am used to comfort foods! And most comfort foods are easy to make. I hate the diabetic recipes that have like 20 ingredients. I mean really can I just have some recipes that are 4-5 ingredients?

So, I am headed out to church here in a few minutes. But right before getting ready, I did a pretty intense (for me) work-out and then ate a late lunch. Exercising does make you feel good. Although, I've got pain in my side now...LOL

Well, that is all for now!

Have a happy day,

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