Called Back!

So after being laid off since June 2nd of last year, I got a call this morning from Joyce at the IRS. She called me wanting to know if I would come back to the IRS in Data Conversion. I didn't recognize the number until after I had it go to voice-mail. I listened to the voice-mail and she wanted me to come back Sunday Night (3rd Shift) and was thinking "YES, I want to come back but not Midnight shift." So, I texted my husband at work and let him know. I had to see what he said about me working 3rd shift again. You know that shift is not fun if your other half works a different one. He said it was more money than unemployment and to take it. I called her back and mentioned that I had requested 1st shift. She kinda sounded disappointed but said she would find a place for me and didn't know whose team I would be on though. I go into work Tuesday Morning at 7!!! I am excited to be going back to work. I know my husband is glad too.

Some downsides of not working 3rds:
*Less pay. It is still more than unemployment but a couple dollars less an hour.
*Not having my days available for doctor's appointments. I'll have to request off or schedule around now.
*Mondays - When I worked thirds last year I started the week on Sunday so it was like I never had a day that felt like a Monday. Now, I'll have Mondays.
*This week I probably would have got Holiday pay if I started work on Sunday because Monday is a holiday but instead I am skipping that and starting on Tuesday. Bummer!
*I've already paid for Ladies Conference so I'll have to use a day of my vacation for that. If I would have worked 3rds I wouldn't have to because I would have Friday's off.

Other than that I can't think of any other downsides.

*I get to see my husband regularly and not just for a couple hours between our jobs.
*I won't have that dead tired look at 6AM.
*My husband and I will have schedules that are similar!
*I won't have to leave from church early on Wednesdays and Sundays.
*I'll get to fellowship on those nights! Hubby and I used to have to leave from church, grab some fast food and then him take me to work.
*I'll probably get to see Sis. Smith (my pastor's wife) around lunch. She works for the IRS too.
*I'll be able to take my medicines at the same time as I am currently taking them. I'd have to change my routine otherwise.
*I won't have to request a check every two weeks on

So, celebrate with me! Wahoo! I'm going back to work at least for a few months until they lay me off again. Maybe I'll get lucky and find another position within the IRS.

Well I'm off to have lunch with Granny and my MIL :) Another thing I'll miss. :)

Have a happy day,

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