I know, You know

Oh no! Looks like I lost a follower! Well, happy Sunday. It has been a long time. I know this. You know this. I am sorry.
What has been going on? Nothing much, really. Just that four-letter word. LIFE. Yep, life is what has been happening. So, since my last post in February I have gone back to the IRS and have been laid off. Wow. I went back to work towards the end of February and got laid off the beginning of June. I have been laid off since and I am currently looking for a job. Nothing is hiring around here that I would enjoy working at. I've considered going back to school and that is definitely an option. I just need to get to moving towards that goal. I've got to take into consideration cost, times, and transportation. I have started the FASFA and I am going to get that done tonight.
My hubby has been applying at other places because his job is getting to him and he wants something that will better the family. I hope he gets something that he enjoys and that pays nice.
We have been trying to find a place closer to the church so we can move. There hasn't been that many options. haha
We haven't made a visit back up to see family in WV yet. Hopefully we can do that soon. We are going to be heading to General Conference in October though. That will be nice to get away. It is in St. Louis! Maybe I should post some photos from the last time we were in that area.
Gotta get ready to head to church. Special services tonight, here is a picture I made for Powerpoint.

So, any questions? Any ideas on what I should blog about next? Let me know! Have a happy day,

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