Review: 5-Hour ENERGY

I know 5-hour ENERGY has been out for a while now. I've never tried it though except for a taste from one that my husband had several months ago. I am not sure what the flavor was at the time, but honestly I just didn't like it! However, I was given a mission to try out 5-hour Energy! So, I tried it out today. I tried it about 9 this morning on my way to church.

It is 3:30pm now and I am still going strong. It was kind of a tiresome morning when I woke up. I hadn't gone to bed until after 3AM! You know I needed something to get me going. I can definitely say that this made me alert and energized. I was even dancing around in the hallway at church this morning and another Sunday School teacher said I was crazy. I told her that I had a 5-hour ENERGY and she said she was definitely going to try it out too! The flavor that I had was Berry and I was shocked at how good it tasted! One of the great things about it for me as a diabetic is that it is Sugar-free! Plus for those watching calories, it is only 4 calories. Now, that is not bad at all!

What makes it work? It has B-vitamins, nutrients and as much caffeine as a good cup of coffee. That is what I'm talking about. You'll be bright eyed and bushy tailed... Well, maybe not the tailed part. So, I will definitely be getting 5-hour ENERGY again! Hope that if you are considering something to help you, you give this a try as well. Visit the website at

Please note that I was sent a sample to try from and to share my thoughts.

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