Appointment Set and Last Night's Message

Well after a month of hurting, I finally set an appointment to see my family doctor concerning this back/hips of mine. *sigh* I am not sure if it is because of the way I am laying or if it is sciatic nerve stuff. But, hopefully he'll be able to help me out and I'll be able to get to working out again! And I've got some goals made and I need to achieve them!

Anyway, last night's service was great. Our Assistant Pastor preached a message titled "Victorious Secret." He started the message off with a story about Victoria's Secret - the store and that they were mainly known for their models. LOL The message was about victory. That there are 4 models that we should look to.
1. Prayer/Fasting
2. Praise
3. Obedience
4. Faithful

I think every Christian has areas in their lives that they need to get better in. I know I do. Lord, help me to be better in these 4 areas of my life.

Well, I am gonna start getting ready for the day. Going to go grab brunch with MIL and then head to the appointment. We are gonna do some scrapbooking after words too.

Have a happy day,

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