Busy Day

It seems like I had a busy day today. Wow! Met my Pastor's wife at church to get coins from the cans for Sheaves For Christ. Hubby and I went to the bank to cash in. We will have a pretty decent SFC offering coming from our church. It won't be a whole lot this year because we didn't really do much fundraisers but at least it is something!

After that we went to my MIL's place for a while. Travis fixed something on the computer there and then we left and went to Florence. We ate at this Chinese Buffet that we hadn't been to before and it was good. We went to Half-priced Books after that and I looked for a Bible for one of the young girls in my Preteen Sunday School class. We bought her two sisters each one a couple of months ago. I thought she had one and she told me that she didn't have one last week! So, I didn't find one at Half-priced books that I really liked. Well there was one there but we decided to get her the same one that we got her sisters! So we went to Walmart and got the Backpack Bible. It is good for preteen and teen girls.

After that we came home and I am so glad. Been enjoying the evening!

Hope you have a happy nite as well,

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