Doctor Results...

So, I didn't write about this yesterday but my doctor's assistant called me back yesterday about my back. I have narrowing and compressing of my lumber and sacral, I think those are the ones. LOL Anyways, that is why I am so much pain. It it what he thought - those nerves are being pinched. There was 3 options - MRI, refer to back specialist or chiropractor. He first suggested me going to Chiropractor so that is what I am going to do in a few days probably. If not this week next week. I hope something can be done. I am tired of being in so much pain!

Trying to get house work done is so hard because of my back pain. It is causing me not to get as much done as I want to! There is so much I could be doing but it just hurts to be standing for so long and I can't bend the way I would like and so on. You get the picture.

So guess we will see how going to the Chiropractor works out!

Have a happy day,

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