Don't Let Go

So, tonight Section U had their monthly youth rally and we hosted it at our church!! My husband was privileged to preach his first youth rally! He preached about some things that we shouldn't let go of. We should hold on to Doctrine, Prayer Life, Reading our Word, and Calvary! There are somethings that we should never let go of. I am so proud of him because that Word was needed. Someone came up to him after service and said that the message is what his daughter needed to hear and then same guy's wife said the same thing! Plus I talked to a couple of Lighthouse people after service and they told me how proud they were of my husband and how the message was spot on too. I am thankful for a man of God that let His God take over.

We went out to eat with a couple from Louisville after the service. They are our friends that have the same Anniversary date as us! Although, we have been married longer than them. They are awesome, down to earth friends. It was great to break bread with them and we enjoyed the view of Cincy from the restaurant! Wish we can do that more often...

Have a happy nite,

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