For A Good Cause... Above And Beyond

So, I went to the Chiropractor today and what a chiropractor does is amazing. LOL I can't say I am pain free but he pinpointed the pain on the dot! See I got x-rays and was told where it was. He didn't see the x-rays or get any doctor forms and was able to tell me that same spot! So, I had the consultation, then some therapy and then he did a minor adjustment. I go back tomorrow at 12:30!

Anyways, you are probably wondering what my title means today!? The restaurant Chili's donated 100% of net profit to St. Jude's Hospital today! How awesome is that! So, I went there for lunch with my MIL and Granny. The general manager Adam on Houston Rd is awesome. The waiter brought my MIL's burger out with tomato and onion and she asked for neither to be put on it. So, the manager apologized and took it right back and fixed it. He gave her $20 for the next visit to Chili's and a free dessert for the whole table to share. Way above and beyond customer service!
With all profits going to St. Jude's, we all gave $1 and both my MIL and I bought a t-shirt which was $12 each and since the t-shirts had already been paid for by Chili's the profits go to St. Jude's! It is just great to be able to support a good cause. One of my memories from living back home with my parents was watching the telethons or whatever they call it now for the hospital. Hope you'll visit your Chili's and donate something via Create-a-pepper card. There is still time to do it! :)

Have a happy nite,

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