Happy Anniversary to our Friends!

One of the many stain glass windows at Lighthouse Ministries.

Good Sunday to you all!

I enjoyed the day! Taught Sunday School this morning about Moses and his excuses! Hoping that the preteens will take it home with them and simmer and think about it. We need to not make excuses!

Went out to lunch with our friends Tiffhanie and Chris! Their 1 year anniversary is tomorrow! Do you remember me getting my hair permed last year for the wedding? I posted a picture... Do you remember me being a bridesmaid in their wedding? I think I mentioned it.

Here is a couple pictures of that! I thought I had blogged about it but I just looked and I didn't! *smh* It was a beautiful wedding!

So, there you have it. They survived a year successfully. We went back to their new apartment that they just finished moving into yesterday. It is nice and bigger than ours. It made me kinda jealous and anxious to find something else. After that we went back to church for our evening service! Bro. G.L. Vittitow from Louisville preached tonight and the message was "There's Nobody Like Jesus!" It was a great service. Can't say I felt all that great throughout with the back/hips hurting and then I ended up having tummy issues and heartburn/indigestion during the service too! Oh well. I told my friend Flo (who has been under the weather lately) that one day we won't have to worry about being sick anymore because we'll be in heaven! Until then, there is going to be suffering. Hope that some of that suffering is put to ease tomorrow at the Chiropractor's though!

Gonna head to bed soon! Have a great Monday!

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