It didn't go that bad.

So, the meeting that I had to go to this morning didn't go all that bad. It was sort of just a class that was required so that I'll continue to get paid unemployment. I thought it involved my review but that wasn't the case. All in all, it was okay. It was only 45 minutes rather than the 2 hours that was stated on the paper I received in the mail. I went to breakfast afterwards with my MIL. And then I came home and crashed several hours. It was awesome sleep!

Taught Children's church tonight and taught the kids a new song. I will do that again until it is learned. Such a fun song, Rooftops.

In other news, I need to call about my x-rays that were taken on Monday! I will update about it tomorrow.

Well, Gonna head to bed! Sorry, my blog has been boring lately. Really need to add more photos and stuff. Being down with this back problem has had me down in everything. LOL

Have a happy nite,

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