Motivation, I need it.

Seriously, I really need some motivation. Okay maybe I just need a back that works. So, I have a chiropractor appointment set up but what I didn't mention is that his wife is due any day now with a wee little one! And, if she goes into labor, he will be taking the week off of work. Which would make my appointment voided completely! I was recommended by my Pastor's wife to go to him and I am really wanting to because others from my church see him too. They say he is really good at what he does! I don't really want to have to set up an appointment with anyone else.

So back to the motivation thing.

How do you do it? Really! What is your secret for being so productive/motivated? My friend posted the other day on Facebook... "In 5hrs, I will wake up run at least 3 miles, do homework, head to class, do homework and then head to work. It's going to be a great day!!!" I got from just reading that! And replied back to her asking her for some of her motivation!
Maybe once my back is feeling better, I will have more productive days! Maybe once I find a job, I will have more productive days. Or once I go back to school I will have more productive days!
So, three things to do. Fix Back, Find Job, Finish FASFA and find schooling that I want to do. Sounds simple?! *shrugs* I just don't know about that. However, Eleanor Roosevelt said, "With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."

Have a happy nite,

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