Relaxing Day I guess...

I guess you can say I had sort of a relaxed day. I went to lunch with my MIL. It was yummy. Paid for lunch with one of my reward cards that I got in the mail for doing surveys! Thank you MyPoints!

I went to Walmart and picked up some Apple Turnovers in the fridge section.

Came home, did a little housework, started dinner. We tried the Italian Chicken Packets recipe on ReadySetEat. It was pretty good. I'd put half the Italian dressing in next time. I served it over thin spaghetti! And then made the Apple Turnovers a little bit after dinner was finished. Yum! I am loving Apple this season!

Wish I could go to the Applefest next weekend in Wellsburg, WV! :( Too bad I am 5 hours away! Such is life. I miss the good ole Applefest! It is its 34th Annual! Wow, I am almost as old as it. Here is an article on more about the Applefest: Click Here

I'm just a small town girl...

Didn't have any idea that this was gonna end up being about the Applefest. It just transpired.

Good night! Have a happy one,

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