Not bad at all!!

So, I have managed to blog most of September! How amazing is that!!! Not bad at all! LOL I didn't blog yesterday because I was just not feeling it at all. I was having back pain and went to bed earlier than usual.

Last night's service was awesome. From beginning to end in my opinion. God is so good. People's families are coming to church and realizing that church is what they need! I am excited for Bellevue. My husband preached and he just keeps getting better and better. I wonder if he saw me just smiling away at him from up in the balcony.

Not much going on for today. I am gonna have a late lunch in about an hour with my MIL. Our appointments with the Chiropractor got cancelled because his wife finally went into labor! I think she was like 17 days late! So, I see him next Monday. Hope my pain subsides or I can keep the pain down with pain reliever.

I've got to do a few things around here today including my grocery list, so I better go!!

Hope you have a happy day,

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