The Magic Mushroom II.

So, I am still sick. Imagine that. It is mainly sinuses. I woke up with my tongue really dry this morning. Not sure how that happened. Maybe because I slept with my mouth open? It felt like a cat's tongue. You know the roughness?! Or am I the only one that thinks that? My MIL had no clue what I was talking about. haha

We slept in today. Love Saturdays for that reason! We got ready and went to lunch at Chick-fil-A. Isn't my hubby crazy? He loves Chick-fil-A

We ate there because it was close to where Aunt Pam is. She wanted to talk to us today about her car. She is in a nursing home and can't drive the car. It only has 18000 miles on it. It is in good condition but it has been sitting because she hasn't been able to drive. She offered us a deal that we pretty much couldn't refuse. So, WE ARE gonna be the proud owners of Magic Mushroom II. LOL Yea, what a name she named it. I am sure we are gonna rename the White Honda Accord to something more less questionable? I am excited about it because I'll be less worried now. With the current car I am afraid that he will either wreck or it will break down on him at any moment. So having a new car to us is gonna be great! And if I need to drive, I'll be able too!

Well we had plans today. One was on starting to go through things here at home and toss, get rid of or organize better and that kinda fell through because of us visiting Pam and getting things squared away with the car. But, we figure we can do that throughout the week. We shall see! I hope so. We wanted to go grocery shopping but that didn't work either so we just went to McAlister's this evening. We used a birthday coupon. Birthdays are good for something.

Ended the day with leftover pumpkin pie. It was yummy.

Day 30 of being thankful,
I am really thankful for this car. I am thankful that we will also have some money in the account to put down money on a house. We have a lot of things going on in our life right now but I think it is for the better. God knows what He is doing & who knows what we will be doing or where we will be in a year from now.

Ride your ambitions to the skies. (Chinese fortune cookie from a few weeks ago.) I plan too.

Have a happy nite,


Warm Drinks And Cold Treats

I am making this really short. It is only because I am not feeling too well today. My throat is sore and I am not really in the mood to type.

Earlier I made some green tea which helped me. And a while ago hubby brought me some frozen yogurt.

Day 29 of being thankful:
I am thankful for these drinks and yogurt that makes me feel a little bit better.

Have a happy nite,


Thanksgiving Day.

I've gotta get ready for bed shortly but I did have a good Thanksgiving day. I didn't take any pictures of what was served or one of my plate but it was good. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, creamed corn, mac n' cheese, yams and rolls. For dessert we had pumpkin pie and chocolate cake for dessert too. We brought pie home with us.

This is the first time in a few years that I haven't gone out and done some shopping. One reason is that I didn't see any great sales this year. Two, I have to work in the morning. The last few years I was laid off but this time I was called back for a few weeks and it happens to fall right around the time that I would have loved to been off. Oh well like I said nothing really caught my eye to buy. Maybe I'll look online tomorrow for some deals.

I am glad that we were able to be with my inlaws for Thanksgiving. Wish I could have spent it in WV though. I love Thanksgiving. It is my favorite. I think one of the reasons that I like it is because of all the memories of family gatherings. Even now, cousins have family of their owns and they just do their own thing. Nothing wrong with that but I think that we should all get together like old times. Miss it.

Thanksgiving Day 28:
I am extremely thankful to have talked with my Dad today and I talked with Robin too. Can't wait until I am able to visit up there.
Thank you God for many blessings you have blessed me with. Thanks for my wonderful hubby.

Have a happy nite,


Are We Really Thankful?

Long day at work today! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day and I am thankful to be off work and able to spend time with my hubby & his side of the family. We are going over to our uncles place for dinner tomorrow. My MIL is making all the food and taking it over there. Hopefully, it will all turn out all right. Food time is at 4PM.

We said goodbye to Karen at work today. She got a job in the other building doing Customer Service. We will meet up with her for lunch though. We also said goodbye to Casey. He might come back but isn't sure. He is going back to school. I was given cards to give to them from our department at work.

Church was this evening. I was sick practically the whole time. I couldn't really focus on Bro. Nelson (my Pastor's bro-in-law who came into town for the holiday.) He taught about God providing. I still don't feel that great even after eating dinner. Oh well.

I was reading the Good Morning Girls Bible Plan on Youversion and came upon a couple of scriptures that I thought I would share.

Colossians 3:15
And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.

I Thessalonians 5:18
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Are we really thankful? Do we give thanks when things are going wrong or only when things are going right? If we give thanks even when things are going wrong than we are thankful. The Bible says in I Thessalonians that IN EVERY THING GIVE THANKS. What is exempt from every thing? Nothing at all. I pray that the Lord reminds me of this when bad things happen and I don't feel like thanking him. It is the will of God that we thank him for every thing. Be ye thankful.

Thanksgiving Day 27: I am thankful to be off work tomorrow. I have worked Retail for several years prior to the IRS and didn't like having to work on the holidays. I feel bad for those who have to work tomorrow. Wish every one could stay home with family and friends.

Have a happy nite,


Dinner Didn't Work Out That Well

So, I planned to do an easy dinner tonight. I went to start dinner and noticed that the sauce I was gonna use had a broken seal. Not cool! I was gonna make something else and realized I had no milk. Only Vanilla Almond Milk and that really wouldn't work. So, we had Jimmy deliver. Yea, Jimmy Johns. Hubby didn't mind though because he suggested it and has been wanting it.

I've got to make a meal plan, go grocery shopping & then all will be okay in my kitchen again. Haha. I have been really wanting salads lately. I think my new medicine is helping too! Need to exercise though.

Oh, today I made a huge list for things that need to be done before Christmas and some even before that. I mailed out a card for my brother yesterday. It is gonna get to him late. His birthday is today. I also mailed out 3 other cards today! November and December are so busy!

One of my friends had their little girl today. She doesn't have a name though. She is their third girl. Congrats to Nicole and Bernie & big sisters! She blogs here. Actually, a lot of people I know or know of had their babies. I have followed several of their pregnancies and it is crazy that their little ones are here. So sweet.

Thanksgiving Day 26:
I am thankful for my little brother who turned 27 today. He just went and got his GED. So proud that he did it. He told me the other day he basically got a good job but the hold up is the GED document has to come in the mail first. Proud of him. Happy Birthday bro.

Have a happy nite,


Date Night Flurries

So last night I posted really late. It was almost 1AM in the morning and I was extremely tired. I am honestly shocked that it wasn't an out of my mind post... Yes, I was that tired. Hubby came home and napped and silly me stayed up the whole day. Since we didn't have any church in the evening, we were gonna do something else but the nap turned into 3 hours of sleep for him. So once I could wake him up we went to eat at Bob Evans and then went to Walmart. We came back home and I fell asleep in the chair. Woke up with this deep indent in my leg. Yea, eventful evening. Haha. Like I said yesterday my hubby said he could get used to one service. Well, it really would be nice to have that happen on Sundays since it is getting colder. But, it probably won't happen.

Winter has come. It has already snowed once to stick on the car one morning. We have had flurries several times. Tonight is no different. I saw some flurries a bit ago. The buzz at work today was that we are gonna get snow between today and Wednesday night. They were talking about the shifts of the wind and stuff to determine that. It could be a hit or miss as always.

Earlier my hubby and I had a date night. Here is a picture of him at Five Guy's and then one of the lights outside of the levee and reflection of us.

I hope that this snow we are supposed to get bypasses us! I hate riding in it and I'd hate for my hubby to have to drive all the way to his work in it.

Thankful Day 25: Thankful for my inlaws. They are super sweet to me. I am glad we get along! So many people I have talked with don't get along with their inlaws. I am glad that I got lucky!

Have a happy night,

Turkey Church Dinner

We had our Thanksgiving dinner at the church today.  It was good.  We didn't have any church this evening.  Hubby said he could get used to only having one service. Lol well more about today tomorrow since it is late and I am super tired!
Day 24 of thanks: I am thankful for the love of Jesus.


A Wedding & Pumpkin Layer Dessert Bars

Happy Saturday! We slept in, got ready and went to lunch at McAlister's Deli. We came home and I got ready for a wedding. One of Travis' co-workers got married tonight at 6PM. We borrowed my in-laws car until tomorrow morning. We went to the wedding but didn't stay for the reception. The wedding was only about 15 minutes long. They wanted something small. They did vows, rings and unity sand ceremony. It was cute. Her colors were white and blue. I didn't know that and got a card for her and her husband that was blue and white. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Or just lucky.

We went to dinner on our way home from the wedding at a mexican restaurant in Milford called Dos Amigos. Oh my goodness it was so good!

I picked up some stuff at Kroger on the way home. I made this for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner after church!
I am gonna try a tiny piece from the corner in a few minutes to make sure it tastes wonderful. I have no doubts that it is gonna taste amazing!

I'll post the recipe for sure if it is a hit!

Thankful Day 23:
I am thankful for the days that I can spend the whole day with my love. It is like an all day date! It is great just to spend time with him! It seems like the day that happens in a Saturday most of the time.

Have a happy night,


Wahoo! Weekend Begins.

I am super glad that it is the weekend. Got my laundry done. Dishes are all done.
Went out for dinner at Buffalo Rings & Wings. We had a few issues there but in the end filled our tummys. It would have been better had they not ran out of burgers. Both hubby and I ordered a burger and she came back and said they were out of them.

We are going to a wedding tomorrow for a lady from hubby's work. Not sure what else we are doing tomorrow but I need to get some items at the store. I need to make some Pumpkin Bars for our church Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday.

Google has an awesome doodle game right now. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary! Too cool. Not the greatest timing but it took me a while to figure out how it worked. I was using my keyboard arrows and didn't realize I could use my mouse. LOL I may have to play it again to try to beat my time.

Here is a picture of me in my "The Minions Have The Phone Box" shirt from a few weeks ago. I was enjoying a latte at a local Biggby Coffee.

I love Doctor Who! lol

Thankful day 22: Today it rained. It looked dreary all day too. But, I am thankful for the rain. Because without the rain there wouldn't have been rainbows. After every storm there's always a rainbow that reminds us even through the storms of life we can look forward to brighter days ahead.
Give thanks for all things.

Sorry this is super short this evening!! TGIF! and Tomorrow's Saturday!!

Have a happy nite,


Wishing To Start The Day Over

So you are probably wondering why I want to start today over. I'll let you in on it right now. It probably started last night with not getting to bed earlier. Tonight I am planning on going to bed early at least by 11. Anyways, I woke up this morning pretty tired. I was at work dozing off at my desk. My manager walked by and must have noticed me when my eyes had shut. She asked if everything was okay and I told her that I was so tired this morning and also told her I didn't know if my new medicine had anything to do with it. Plus a podcast that I was listening to this morning didn't help me either. I was totally fine 15 minutes later when my friend Mary showed up! Crazy start of the day.

On top of that, we had a meeting at 9, Thanksgiving dinner at 11:15 lunchtime & moving to do paper docs on a form that I hadn't done since the beginning of this year, & a fire drill at work. By the way, I normally go at 12 or 12:15, so it threw the time off for the day.

I was so overwhelmed today that I just really wanted to start it over. I didn't even come home and do the laundry like I wanted to do. I'll have to do that tomorrow.

I did get to talk to my sister and brother on Google Hangouts today! :) It was only for about 45 minutes but it was fun anyways! I will try Skype next time though because I think it might be a little better. I love technology and I dont know why we didnt do this sooner!

Here is a picture of our hangout. Well what was our hangout. LOL

Thankful Day 21:
Thankful for Pinterest! LOL I was on there for a bit tonight and I could really spend way too much time dreaming and pinning!

Have a happy nite (better than my day was, I hope,)


But I Want To Go To Bed

Apparently last night I was talking in my sleep and kept telling hubby that it was time to go to sleep and that I wanted to sleep... etc. Tonight is not that different. I am exhausted again.

I didn't do all that much today. Work from 7 to 3:30 like usual. I went to BW3's with my MIL... we went back to her place and made some candy. She took me to church. Hubby preached tonight. He preached a message called "Out Of The Box."
We got Chipotle on the way home.

That brings me to right now as I am trying to figure out what to write. I wish I was more of a writer. I guess you really don't have to be when you are talking about your day.

Thanks on Day 20: I am thankful for the little things that we often take for granted. A nice apartment, great food, shoes & clothing... Others in other countries don't have it as good as we have it over here in the US. Makes me think of those in Ethiopia and Africa. They hardly have anything and are thankful for what they have and what they are given. We need to be thankful for what we have and what we are given.

Well, that is all this evening. Going to hopefully head to bed now.

Have a happy nite,


Very exhausted.

Exhausted right now, I almost decided to skip a post and thought I should keep it up! I had an appointment today for my diabetes. The doctor didn't discuss any numbers or any test results which was a little weird. But, she put me on another medicine called Invokana and gave me a script for prescription fish oil since the store bought ones are not working in bringing down my triglycerides/cholestrol. The medicine is newer on the market this year. Hoping that it works alright.

I have an appointment in another month to discuss the progress of the new medicine and see where my sugars are at then.

My friends Tiffhanie and Chris found out today that she are having a baby boy! Super excited for them. I had a feeling it was a baby boy for a while now!

Thankful Day 19:
I am thankful for the Lord on my side.

Have a happy nite,


I Didn't Volunteer For It, But I Like It.

I got to work and worked for about 30 minutes and then got told to go to ISRP department (paper docs.) They asked for volunteers on Friday and from the looks of it a lot did volunteer, but I guess that want enough. We didn't volunteer, but my friend and I were told to go down there too. Honestly, I really don't mind. I love that part of Data better than Scrips. We will be down there all week I think. Oh and we have a Thanksgiving dinner coming up on Thursday! I donated money for that. I hope it is good.

MIL wanted to go to Wendy's right after I got off work. She got me a Spicy Chicken Sandwich. It was good. We made some more candy tonight but I didn't take one picture! I just now realized that while typing this and wish I had took some. We made some nutcrackers, caramels, more peanut butter cups & peppermint bark. Yummy!

We met hubby at Walmart when my MIL was taking me home. He had to get oil for our car. She got some cherries and chow mein for some other candies we are doing this week. We had Jimmy Johns for dinner. I had an Beach Club Unwich in hopes that I didn't raise my sugar any more. I have an appointment in the morning. I really hope she can give me some encouragement to get myself on target again.

Thankful Day 18: Thankful for a job at the moment because the holidays are here. I am hoping that I can find something else once laid off around Christmas time. We are getting closer to Christmas and I need to make a list and do some Christmas shopping!

Have a happy nite,

Question to the readers? Do you have a blog? If so, leave me the link in a comment! I'd love to read your blog.


Thunder and Lightning, very very frightning!

Today was crazy! We had Sunday School this morning.  All the studying I did, didn't matter because my class along with another class stayed downstairs practicing lines for our Christmas program. We will probably do that for the rest of this month and next until our program is over.  Actually, I was told that the Sunday right before Christmas we will be doing crafts with the kids. We will have two parties in a row. One after the program on the 15th and then one while we do Christmas-y crafts on the 22nd.

This day was full of severe thunderstorms, tornado watches and warnings, and strong winds.  It was raining when we went to Larosa's.  Finally got my salad. Yay! It stopped raining after we were done eating and hubby thought we were going to be okay weather wise.  I told him to wait 5 minutes. LOL We went into Kroger to look for something sweet but didn't find anything.  We did stop by the samples table. It was cheese samples and the ones that we tried were amazing cheeses.  They cost so much per pound though.  We may get some in the future though.  I'd love to make some gourmet grilled cheese.  The associate was great too.  She kept giving hubby and I more cheese.  She said that is what she was there for and told us that every time we shop we should get at least one cheese sample from someone behind the counter.  I didn't know that they did that. Definitely doing that cause I love cheese! haha

Because of the weather, church was canceled tonight.  I am glad because it did get bad outside.  At one point, we went downstairs when the sirens went off. We noticed that there were some glass windows down there so we came back up and stayed in our kitchen area away from the windows.  Prayers go out to those who were affected by the tornados that hit down.  Poor Illinois.  There was a picture I saw of an Elementary school with only metal left standing.  Natural Disasters are no joke.  Whole towns destroyed.  People killed. Which brings me to the Philippines Typhoon.  They are still searching/finding people.  Pray for them too.

Day 17:
Thankful that we were kept safe from the storm.  And thankful that when the storms of life come our way, usually they don't last that long because storms pass by pretty quickly.

Have a happy nite,


Saturdays Don't Last Long Enough

As promised here are some pictures of yesterday's making candy adventure! We made it right after I got off work. Well first we stopped by Fantasy n' Frosting on Monmouth to pick up some items that we need for this holiday season and then headed back to my MILs. I am not sure what year this makes it of me making candy and cookies with my MIL and Granny but I really enjoy it.

Here is a picture of me in a festive apron. LOL Even if the photo has half my head off. Oops.

Two-toned Crackly Bark. I tried a piece of this today and it is yummy! It is our first year making it.

Crispy Snowman

One of my faves, Reese Peanut Butter Cups! We use Reese's Peanut Butter.

Here is a neat idea that my MIL did.  It is Jiffy Pop with a printable on top.  Cute idea to add in a basket or something.

More to come!  I am making other candy on Monday!! I can't remember what it is that we are making though.

Today we went over to the in-laws because the insurance guy was meeting us to talk about Travis' life insurance policy.  After that we went to have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Shame on me for only eating one meal today. Oh well. We decided to go to Mad Mike's (similar to Five Guys except they have burgers to choose from as well as create your own).  I got a Shroomin Burger.  It was basically 2 patties with pepper jack cheese, grilled onion, bacon, mushrooms, mayo and their special sauce.  It was really good but probably really bad for me.  We had some fries too. I love fresh fries with malt vinegar.  Nothing like them!

When we came home we walked to Biggby Coffee because we hadn't really started off our day with caffeine and we needed the energy!  Plus it is a nice treat. I had an Almond Blizzard Latte. Very good. And at this late in the day, I am still very wired.

Done a bit of cleaning and watched a few Youtube videos.  Now, I am about to iron tomorrows clothes! Make sure my lesson is good to go for Sunday School and then head to bed. Saturdays sure don't last long enough.

Day 16: I am thankful for the moments that I share/make with family and friends.  For example, candy making with my MIL and doing cookies with her and Granny.  Those are the traditions that I will probably never forget.  Even if we didn't do it next year or year after that I still would look back on it and remember it.

Have a happy nite and a wonderful Sunday,


From The Past

So, today I got email from If you don't know what it is, you can send an email to yourself at a specific date. I just so happened to write the email 11 months ago and 30 days ago on November 15, 2012. Here is what it said:
Dear FutureMe,
I would hope that by this time you have fallen pregnant and due sometime soon or within the next few months. Lately, you have been wanting a baby. So, I hope that your wish comes true.
What did you do today?
You helped your MIL out at her house. You dusted, moved nativities and added Bengal stuff to the shelf. You got $15 out of it. Yay for money! You are currently unemployed so maybe by the time you are reading this, things will be different.
You went to Starbucks today and got BOGO Creme Brulee Lattes. Very yummy. And you are currently watching CTFxC and waiting for the UPS man.
That is all. Go back to and write again. This was fun.
Fingers Crossed in hopes of a bambino!!

Isn't that something? I kinda like it though because you can see where I was and where I am now.  Even if it is about the same place. Right now, what is funny is that at that time I was laid off at the IRS and currently I am there for a bit before Christmas. But if they hadn't called me back I would have still been laid off from this current season. I noticed recently that Starbucks has their Holiday Lattes on sale at BOGO. I should really get one soon.

I am not pregnant and haven't fallen pregnant. I am thinking about writing another future email to myself. Not sure if I will include the same things though.  I was surprised when it came in my email! And it was nice to see what I did that day.  Almost like looking back at posts here.

Anyways, today started the candy making at my MIL's. I'll post some pictures tomorrow!

Day 15:
Thankful for God's timing. I know I am not pregnant yet and I know it is hard for me to become pregnant with PCOS and diabetes on top of that, but God is in control. He is a God that doesn't care about infertility and disease.


Cake Walk In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day

What in the world is a cake walk? I am gonna have to do some research. Maybe we can do something like it at church or something?? They had one at work today and I wasn't really sure what it was and was too shy to ask. I should have asked/participated. LOL I am not sure what they are raising money for but there has been something going on every day this week. I had a salad and a bowl of chili and slice of bread for lunch today. I gave the suggest price of $3. The chili was really good. The salad only made me want more salad. (I have been wanting a really good salad. I have been told by my friend Mary that Texas Roadhouse has some good ones. I have been thinking of LaRosa's salads though.)

Anyway, today was rather boring at work. The good thing is that both Mary and I moved seats on Wednesday so that we are sitting beside each other. Tuesday we sat near each other but had someone in the middle of us. At least there are some conversations going on throughout the day. If not, we have our headphones on listening to something.

I have started listening to an audiobook. It is called "In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day." It is good. So far, I have only listened to 2 chapters. But I have found that there are some really good quotable parts! I am probably gonna listen to it again just so I can grab them! Check it out! The reviews are pretty good. Other than that I have been listening to my downloaded music and podcasts. I love podcasts. It makes the day go back quick!

Well, I am tired. I did laundry today after work and after we ate I crashed on the couch while watching a few clips from Youtube with the hubby. He had to wake me up! I just got back on here and cleared some of my working tabs in the browser. Now I am gonna head to bed.

Day 14: Thank God tomorrow is Friday!!! I love working but I also like the days of rest. Wish I could say that Saturdays and Sundays were days of rest but most of the time they aren't when you are in the ministry. Haha. We are always doing something. Glad my weekend starts at 3:30pm tomorrow though.

Have a happy nite,


I'm always losing something!

It started out this morning with not being able to find my name badge for work. This badge gets me pass the guards and through the doors. I thought I left it in my MIL's car but I found it in the reusable bag that was given out at yesterdays health fair. This incident made me late for work this morning! Only by 5 minutes but the way we do the time sheet, time adds up.

I still can't find a hair accessory from earlier this week. I have misplaced it somewhere in this apartment. I am always losing something! I hope I don't lose or misplace anything tomorrow!

I don't really have much to say tonight. I am just tired from work, doing a few things at my inlaws place and then church this evening. I am sure I will sleep good tonight.

Thankful Day 13:
I am thankful that one day when I was lost that Jesus found me. If you don't know Him, I encourage you to find a church and request a Bible Study! Click HERE to find a church near you.

Have a happy nite,



Today was my first day back to work since I was laid off in September. The first hour I read the IRM (instructions basically for the system/docs we work on.) The reason why is because the system wasn't letting some of us that came back today sign on. Once we were able to sign on, I was able to do some work. I went back to it like I never left. It was easy to pick back up. Today there was a health fair at work to tell us all about the insurances. It gave us an extra hour to check that out as well. With having an hour all together of breaks as well as the 2 hours for reading and the health fair, I only worked around 5 hours. Not bad at all. Today was a success.

Rumor has it that we will be there for aboout 6 weeks which will make me being laid off around Christmas time. We will see. One of the managers said that there is enough work to last until Christmas.

Nothing much else has happened today. Just a bit of work around the house. Taco Bell was picked up for dinner because what I was gonna make wasn't thawed out. Now it is time to head to bed and repeat. But probably more work and less play tomorrow. Well I'll get to play tomorrow night because hubby and I are doing Children's Church. But at work, it will be work.

Day 12: I am thankful for technology. Sure, I could live without it but it makes it so much nicer to have a smartphone and be able to get online. I met my husband online. If it wasn't for the computer, we would have never met. Also, today me and my MIL were trying to figure out how to say Elasticity. Well, I used my phone and looked it up. It pulled up on free dictonary and then I was able to have the pronunciation played out. Now tell me you don't thank God for technology. If it wasn't for technology you wouldn't be reading this. ;-)

Have a happy nite,


Where did the time go?

Time has slipped away from me today! I don't know what happened. Well I do. I did all kinds of stuff today. From getting my blood work done at the hospital lab to lunch at McAlister's with my MIL. We also went to Walmart and Sams. I came home and did dishes, cleaned up a bit, worked on getting my mp3's and podcasts set on the iPhone that I now use as an iPod, and went through my work bag. I cleaned it out. Now I am set for work in the early AM. It is almost midnight and I am headed to bed!

Today is Veteran's Day. Day number 11! I am thankful for those who have served and those who are currently serving in the military. May God bless all of them!

Have a happy nite & catch you tomorrow!


New Tricks

Well besides getting sick after lunch, today was a great Sunday.  I taught Sunday school this morning.  I taught about saying No to the devil.  After church I went out to eat with hubby and a group of our friends from church.  We had Mexican and it didn't settle well.

I was able to go to church tonight and hear my handsome hubby preach!  He preached a message titled "Interrupting The Inevitable."  He went from the scriptures John 8:1-5.  He spoke about how the woman was accused of her sin (caught in the very act of adultery) but how Jesus had interrupted the inevitable.  The inevitable was her being stoned because of her sin. But Jesus interrupted that and forgave her.  So glad that Jesus forgives us of our sins. 

Tonight, I tried to learn a new trick.  I bought a crochet kit and I am trying to teach myself. As much as the diagrams look easy in this instructional book, they are not easy!  I will put a DVD in tomorrow and see if that works better because reading this book might be more confusing than listening to someone and watching what I need to do. 

Try something new this week.  Whether it is learning something new or eating something different.  Challenge yourself.  Well, tomorrow I have lots to do and I go back on Tuesday to work. So, I plan on enjoying it! 

Day 10: I am thankful for food, shelter & transportation. I might complain about getting sick after a meal but at least I have a meal to eat. I might not like living in this tiny place sometimes but I have a roof over my head and even though our car has issues at least it still runs! :)

Have a happy nite,


Emotional Day

I noticed I have a couple more followers than yesterday! Thanks for having an interest in my every day life!

So yesterday I really didn't get to update because I was so tired. I didn't post like I wanted to. I went out with my MIL for lunch. We went to Chili's. I ate way too much and because we got appetizers, I brought 3/4's of my lunch home. Haha. We stopped off at Joann's afterwards. She bought some Candy Melts so that we can start on candy! It was on sale and she had a coupon. I decided to get a "I Taught Myself Crochet kit" and yarn. Yep, I plan on learning something. I figured I couldn't do knitting lets try crochet? My grandma crocheted so maybe I can. Wish I would have paid attention to things in my childhood. I can't remember much.

Last night's dinner was IHOP. Hubby took me there and I shouldn't have got what I got. But it was the best breakfast for dinner that I have had in a long time. It was the Banana Foster Brioche French Toast combo. So so good. So so bad in sugar/carbs. We walked around the Walmart in Florence afterwards to walk it off a bit and then came home!

Now, today was a boring day and I didn't get anything done that I wanted to get done. I am kinda sad about that.

My hubby went to an Empowered Minister's Training over in Cincinnati that lasted about 4 hours. During that time, I was wanting to do some things around here but I ended up not doing them. I was in a strange mood earlier. I had watched a clip that someone shared on FB that made me get tear eyed. When it was done, I found myself sobbing like a baby. Then I was kinda down the rest of the time. I haven't a clue what that was all about. But, I have had one emotional day!

I started to feel a little better when hubby got home. He had me get ready while he was on his way and we went to Walmart. We picked up some snacks for my Sunday School class tomorrow & a Blu-ray. We picked up some subs from Subway (one that is inside Walmart) for dinner. Once we got home, we put our Blu-ray in. We got the extended version of The Hobbit. I had been wanting to see it. Well, guess what? I fell asleep while watching it. Travis kept waking me up throughout the whole thing. I know I missed really good parts though. So I am gonna have to watch it again. Guess I got too comfy on the couch.

We have church tomorrow. Since our Pastor is out of town, hubby is preaching tomorrow night. Looking forward to that! I am ready to teach my Sunday School class in the morning. Got Monday off because of the holiday and then going back to work on Tuesday!

Thankful day 9: I know I already said I was thankful for family. But today I am thankful for my sister. Actually it is her 30th birthday! She has been through a lot in her life. She was born with hydrocephalus and has had many surgeries and has overcome. Proud to be called her Big Sis. Glad that we can stay in touch even with me being 5 hours away.

Have a happy nite,


Thanks Thanks I Give You Thanks

Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books - especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy day, give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day.
John Wooden

Thankful Day 8!

I am thankful. Yep, just thankful period.

Will be back tomorrow with a longer post.

Have a happy nite,


Victory In Jesus

Last night my husband preached a great message. He titled it "Complete Victory!" Here is a picture of him from last night!
1 Samuel 17:
49 And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone, and slang it, and smote the Philistine in his forehead, that the stone sunk into his forehead; and he fell upon his face to the earth.

50 So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone, and smote the Philistine, and slew him; but there was no sword in the hand of David.

51 Therefore David ran, and stood upon the Philistine, and took his sword, and drew it out of the sheath thereof, and slew him, and cut off his head therewith. And when the Philistines saw their champion was dead, they fled.

We shouldn't settle for just a breakthrough (knocking the Giants in our life down.)
We should get complete victory! (cutting off the Giants head.)

Day 7 of thankfulness:
Although I don't see them often, I am thankful for all of my family members back in WV!

I read a devotion this morning and loved something that was said.

Being thankful for everything means being thankful that there is no thing in your life that God can’t use for His GOOD purpose.

Isn't that an awesome sentence. And so true.
The Coffee For The Soul devotional is located at: You'd be blessed to get it in your email every morning. I know I am.

Have a happy nite,


Making Life Easy Peasy

I slept through an important call today! I have been called back to work. I didn't think I was going to be either. I am excited because that means we will have money flowing again. I hope I just stick around until next season's furlough. They might lay us off around Christmas though. We will see. I am just thrilled that they called me back. My friend Mary texted me and told me that she got the call back and then I noticed on the phone that I had the missed call. So I called the office and I go back on Tuesday! Yaay!

Tonight, my hubby is gonna preach. It is nice that he gets to study and not have to worry about work being in the way. So I will be getting ready a couple hours to leave for church. Not sure what he is gonna preach but I know it will be good!

Day 6: I am thankful for the Crockpot. It makes life easy peasy! I got some Turkey Chili in the crockpot and it should be nice and ready by the time we come home from church! I added different things in it than my recipe here on the blog. But I am hoping that it tastes just as good!

Have a happy nite,


Blessed Beyond Measure

I enjoyed my Tuesday with the hubby!! We slept through breakfast time so when we woke up I made some lunch for the both of us. I made some scrambled eggs that had mushrooms & tomato in it and topped with cheese. I made some of these Mac N Cheese ravioli (they were for kids, shaped like fish) and split them between both of us. They were okay. The flavor was a bit strong. I didn't add any sauce so that might have been why it seemed so strong to me. You can get them at Aldi in the fridge section.

I did some dishes today. I called and talked to my Dad. He is doing good except for forgetting a lot and he has a cataract on one of his eyes that needs to be taken off. His van's engine blew and he had to buy a new vehicle. He got a Black 4-door Chevy S10. It was nice to talk to him and I got to talk with Robin a bit too.

The rest of the day we just relaxed until Dinner time. I convinced my hubby to go to Cici's pizza. Later this evening, I learned that it was a bad mistake. Anyway, we walked around Half Priced Books for a while after eating to walk off the pizza we ate. Hubby wanted something sweet after that and he said he was thinking about an Icedream from ChickFilA. I told him that I was thinking the same thing and we laughed about it and then went and got one! Shame on us. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully we both eat a little better. So well for the meal plan from yesterday, huh? Nah, we will probably not eat out tomorrow and just switch up Tuesday and Wednesday!

Day 5: I am thankful for songs and scriptures that come to mind right when I need them. I am blessed beyond measure. The song "In Christ Alone" comes to mind tonight. Click Here to watch/listen on Youtube.

Well, I hope your Wednesday is blessed. Looking forward to mine.

Have a happy nite,


Meal Planning Monday & basically Nothing.

Seriously, I didn't do much today except some cleaning around the house and made lunch and then a crockpot recipe for dinner. It was very yummy. Other than that I got nothing really to add for this blog post. Well maybe I'll share the meal plan for this week.

Monday- Crockpot Chicken & Stuffing
Tuesday- Salisbury Steak, Mac N' Cheese and Broccoli
Wednesday- Eat Out or Chicken Alfredo
Thursday- Homemade Pizza
Friday- Turkey Chili

Check out Laura over at and see this week's Meal Planning

What I am thankful for Day 4:
I am thankful for my Mom and Dad! Even though Mom has passed on from this life, I think of her daily! Just today I was wishing I had some of her cabbage rolls! I'll be talking to my Dad tomorrow. Miss him and hope I can get up there to visit soon. Without their influences on my life, I don't know where I would be!

Have a happy nite,


I Love The Fall

Today has been a wonderful Sunday. We had a Missionary family -The Bensons- with us this morning. I didn't get to see their presentation or visit their table that was in the foyer. I was doing my normal Sunday morning stuff. We have kid's praise and worship downstairs and then we went upstairs for our classes. So, I was teaching my preteens today. I taught about Abraham's faith. We can all learn to listen to God and then to obey Him.

We got invited out to eat with them and our Pastor & wife. We went to Anita's Mexican Bar & Grill. We have gone several times with Pastor & wife. It is a good authentic place. I had the fish tacos with rice and beans. Very yummy. It was good to fellowship.

Took these pictures today and put them into this collage.
The one that is my favorite is the bigger one. I was sitting in our car at UDF waiting on Travis and captured it. I love the church that is on the hillside in Cincinnati. This church is so pretty at night. Well from what I can see from being on the bridge at night. I need to try to get a picture of it then. Anyway, it was great finding some pretty fall trees and scenery to take a picture of. Aren't they pretty?

We had church this evening and then went to TGIFridays with our friends, Chris and Tiffhanie. It is always a nice time with friends.

Being thankful Day 3: I am thankful for a church family! I am thankful for a wonderful Pastor and Pastor's wife. We just honored them tonight in our Church service for Clergy Appreciation (It was the month of October.) It is great to have Sis. Smith as someone I look up to and admire. Definitely a mentor. We also showed appreciation to our Assistant Pastor & wife. They are great and we definitely appreciate them and all they do! So glad they pray for us.

Well that is all for now, more tomorrow.

Have a happy nite,


Woah, Hold Up, POW!

So today was just a relaxing day for us. We did manage to go out for some lunch at Hot Head Burritos. We came home and just rested. I made some Spaghetti for dinner and it was good. I decided to lay on the couch and watch some Youtube videos and Hubby was playing around on his computer. He was doing this all while working up a sweet tooth. I would have been fine without anything but he wanted to go to Kroger and get something.

Right before we left, I was watching Steps To Wander (on Youtube) and they were talking about how someone got pickpocketed and that happens a lot over in Italy. As we were walking out our apartment door, I said "That is why you need to make sure you were something with pockets that are close to your body."
"If someone would try to do that to me I'd be like 'Woah, Hold Up, Pow (while fist punching an imaginary pickpocketer.)'" We laughed the whole way to Kroger and back. It was just funny the way I said it. And it makes a great blog post title. I love being able to make memories with him and him laughing at my silliness.

He said the reason he wanted to go to Kroger was because we used to do things spontaneous like that when we first got married. Which is true! We used to go to Meijer, Kroger & Wal-mart at all hours when we were bored. We didn't have any jobs because I was still trying to find something in the area besides temporary positions. The store he had been working at was closed down. We were living with his parents for the time being. It was great to spend time with each other. Great making those memories.

Day 2 of being thankful:

I am thankful for my husband! He is my rock. He is all I have down here in KY. Sure I have friends, my church family and my inlaws but honestly I don't think I'd be down here if it wasn't for my love. He is a great man of God and has come a long way from when I first met him. He has changed a lot and it has been for the better. He is my best friend! He is my strength when I have my bad days. He is an awesome hubby & will be a wonderful father one day! And if you are reading this: hello friend, I love you :)

I know I said I might post some pictures and stuff but I am gonna have to get that done later. I have to upload photos and stuff to the computer from my phone and just didn't feel like doing so today! Haha

Have a happy nite,


Life Update: I'm Back!

Hey everyone :) I'm back. Happy November to you! I was at another blogger's page and she just started blogging again after a hiatus from her blog. It got me thinking that I have been gone for way too long. I've been wanting to write and just put it off. I've been wanting to document certain things in my life and I haven't done that. It annoys me really. And you know I would start writing stuff down in an actual journal or notebook, but I type faster! So I came back to Blogger in hopes to get some of my thoughts down, share things like I have before and hopefully stick to it more faithfully.

I am currently laid off at work and trying to find something else because I didn't get unemployment this time. They said I didn't work enough quarters. Oh well. This season was the longest I have worked so far. I was there from February to September! I should be called back there in February. If I find something before that is better all around then I will probably leave there. I did have someone contact me from a temp agency that I applied at. I don't know if an interview is going to come from it or not. She said she was pretty sure that they would want to but I haven't heard anything yet. I need to apply at several more places.

My health is the same as before mentioned. Actually a little worse. Working on it.

Travis has been on vacation all of this week and goes back on Thursday. Last night, we went to Maysville to visit a church that we sponsor each month in Home Missions. It was great to fellowship with the church and with our friends, the Youngs. We went out to eat with them afterwards! We got a pizza called the Monster (very fitting for it being Halloween last night. Just thought of that.) The pizza was the size of a sheet cake. It was really good! The weather on the other hand was not. It was raining the whole time except for about 3 hours while we were in church and eating at the restaurant. We had a hard time getting home because it was storming pretty bad in parts and our car's lights don't work properly. We finally made it to Meijer in Cold Spring. We walked around, went to the restroom and got a drink for the rest of the way home. When we came back out to the car, there was a tremendous downpour causing carts to fly in the parking lot. One hit our car in the back and I saw another cart hit an SUV. I saw this afternoon that we had a scratch on our car. Our car has been through a lot but that is another story!

One thing I want to do is the being thankful thing for the month of November. It is going around FB. But I think I did it for a while last year. So, Day 1: I am thankful for my God. He died for me & He rose again. And He is coming back one day for me. He is the Mighty God.

Tomorrow, I plan to start posting about a few events that have gone on and maybe show some pictures!

Leave a comment and let me know that you are still around. Ask a question if you want and I'll do a question and answer post!

Have a happy nite,