A Wedding & Pumpkin Layer Dessert Bars

Happy Saturday! We slept in, got ready and went to lunch at McAlister's Deli. We came home and I got ready for a wedding. One of Travis' co-workers got married tonight at 6PM. We borrowed my in-laws car until tomorrow morning. We went to the wedding but didn't stay for the reception. The wedding was only about 15 minutes long. They wanted something small. They did vows, rings and unity sand ceremony. It was cute. Her colors were white and blue. I didn't know that and got a card for her and her husband that was blue and white. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Or just lucky.

We went to dinner on our way home from the wedding at a mexican restaurant in Milford called Dos Amigos. Oh my goodness it was so good!

I picked up some stuff at Kroger on the way home. I made this for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner after church!
I am gonna try a tiny piece from the corner in a few minutes to make sure it tastes wonderful. I have no doubts that it is gonna taste amazing!

I'll post the recipe for sure if it is a hit!

Thankful Day 23:
I am thankful for the days that I can spend the whole day with my love. It is like an all day date! It is great just to spend time with him! It seems like the day that happens in a Saturday most of the time.

Have a happy night,

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