Blessed Beyond Measure

I enjoyed my Tuesday with the hubby!! We slept through breakfast time so when we woke up I made some lunch for the both of us. I made some scrambled eggs that had mushrooms & tomato in it and topped with cheese. I made some of these Mac N Cheese ravioli (they were for kids, shaped like fish) and split them between both of us. They were okay. The flavor was a bit strong. I didn't add any sauce so that might have been why it seemed so strong to me. You can get them at Aldi in the fridge section.

I did some dishes today. I called and talked to my Dad. He is doing good except for forgetting a lot and he has a cataract on one of his eyes that needs to be taken off. His van's engine blew and he had to buy a new vehicle. He got a Black 4-door Chevy S10. It was nice to talk to him and I got to talk with Robin a bit too.

The rest of the day we just relaxed until Dinner time. I convinced my hubby to go to Cici's pizza. Later this evening, I learned that it was a bad mistake. Anyway, we walked around Half Priced Books for a while after eating to walk off the pizza we ate. Hubby wanted something sweet after that and he said he was thinking about an Icedream from ChickFilA. I told him that I was thinking the same thing and we laughed about it and then went and got one! Shame on us. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully we both eat a little better. So well for the meal plan from yesterday, huh? Nah, we will probably not eat out tomorrow and just switch up Tuesday and Wednesday!

Day 5: I am thankful for songs and scriptures that come to mind right when I need them. I am blessed beyond measure. The song "In Christ Alone" comes to mind tonight. Click Here to watch/listen on Youtube.

Well, I hope your Wednesday is blessed. Looking forward to mine.

Have a happy nite,

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