Cake Walk In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day

What in the world is a cake walk? I am gonna have to do some research. Maybe we can do something like it at church or something?? They had one at work today and I wasn't really sure what it was and was too shy to ask. I should have asked/participated. LOL I am not sure what they are raising money for but there has been something going on every day this week. I had a salad and a bowl of chili and slice of bread for lunch today. I gave the suggest price of $3. The chili was really good. The salad only made me want more salad. (I have been wanting a really good salad. I have been told by my friend Mary that Texas Roadhouse has some good ones. I have been thinking of LaRosa's salads though.)

Anyway, today was rather boring at work. The good thing is that both Mary and I moved seats on Wednesday so that we are sitting beside each other. Tuesday we sat near each other but had someone in the middle of us. At least there are some conversations going on throughout the day. If not, we have our headphones on listening to something.

I have started listening to an audiobook. It is called "In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day." It is good. So far, I have only listened to 2 chapters. But I have found that there are some really good quotable parts! I am probably gonna listen to it again just so I can grab them! Check it out! The reviews are pretty good. Other than that I have been listening to my downloaded music and podcasts. I love podcasts. It makes the day go back quick!

Well, I am tired. I did laundry today after work and after we ate I crashed on the couch while watching a few clips from Youtube with the hubby. He had to wake me up! I just got back on here and cleared some of my working tabs in the browser. Now I am gonna head to bed.

Day 14: Thank God tomorrow is Friday!!! I love working but I also like the days of rest. Wish I could say that Saturdays and Sundays were days of rest but most of the time they aren't when you are in the ministry. Haha. We are always doing something. Glad my weekend starts at 3:30pm tomorrow though.

Have a happy nite,

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