Date Night Flurries

So last night I posted really late. It was almost 1AM in the morning and I was extremely tired. I am honestly shocked that it wasn't an out of my mind post... Yes, I was that tired. Hubby came home and napped and silly me stayed up the whole day. Since we didn't have any church in the evening, we were gonna do something else but the nap turned into 3 hours of sleep for him. So once I could wake him up we went to eat at Bob Evans and then went to Walmart. We came back home and I fell asleep in the chair. Woke up with this deep indent in my leg. Yea, eventful evening. Haha. Like I said yesterday my hubby said he could get used to one service. Well, it really would be nice to have that happen on Sundays since it is getting colder. But, it probably won't happen.

Winter has come. It has already snowed once to stick on the car one morning. We have had flurries several times. Tonight is no different. I saw some flurries a bit ago. The buzz at work today was that we are gonna get snow between today and Wednesday night. They were talking about the shifts of the wind and stuff to determine that. It could be a hit or miss as always.

Earlier my hubby and I had a date night. Here is a picture of him at Five Guy's and then one of the lights outside of the levee and reflection of us.

I hope that this snow we are supposed to get bypasses us! I hate riding in it and I'd hate for my hubby to have to drive all the way to his work in it.

Thankful Day 25: Thankful for my inlaws. They are super sweet to me. I am glad we get along! So many people I have talked with don't get along with their inlaws. I am glad that I got lucky!

Have a happy night,

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