Dinner Didn't Work Out That Well

So, I planned to do an easy dinner tonight. I went to start dinner and noticed that the sauce I was gonna use had a broken seal. Not cool! I was gonna make something else and realized I had no milk. Only Vanilla Almond Milk and that really wouldn't work. So, we had Jimmy deliver. Yea, Jimmy Johns. Hubby didn't mind though because he suggested it and has been wanting it.

I've got to make a meal plan, go grocery shopping & then all will be okay in my kitchen again. Haha. I have been really wanting salads lately. I think my new medicine is helping too! Need to exercise though.

Oh, today I made a huge list for things that need to be done before Christmas and some even before that. I mailed out a card for my brother yesterday. It is gonna get to him late. His birthday is today. I also mailed out 3 other cards today! November and December are so busy!

One of my friends had their little girl today. She doesn't have a name though. She is their third girl. Congrats to Nicole and Bernie & big sisters! She blogs here. Actually, a lot of people I know or know of had their babies. I have followed several of their pregnancies and it is crazy that their little ones are here. So sweet.

Thanksgiving Day 26:
I am thankful for my little brother who turned 27 today. He just went and got his GED. So proud that he did it. He told me the other day he basically got a good job but the hold up is the GED document has to come in the mail first. Proud of him. Happy Birthday bro.

Have a happy nite,

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