Emotional Day

I noticed I have a couple more followers than yesterday! Thanks for having an interest in my every day life!

So yesterday I really didn't get to update because I was so tired. I didn't post like I wanted to. I went out with my MIL for lunch. We went to Chili's. I ate way too much and because we got appetizers, I brought 3/4's of my lunch home. Haha. We stopped off at Joann's afterwards. She bought some Candy Melts so that we can start on candy! It was on sale and she had a coupon. I decided to get a "I Taught Myself Crochet kit" and yarn. Yep, I plan on learning something. I figured I couldn't do knitting lets try crochet? My grandma crocheted so maybe I can. Wish I would have paid attention to things in my childhood. I can't remember much.

Last night's dinner was IHOP. Hubby took me there and I shouldn't have got what I got. But it was the best breakfast for dinner that I have had in a long time. It was the Banana Foster Brioche French Toast combo. So so good. So so bad in sugar/carbs. We walked around the Walmart in Florence afterwards to walk it off a bit and then came home!

Now, today was a boring day and I didn't get anything done that I wanted to get done. I am kinda sad about that.

My hubby went to an Empowered Minister's Training over in Cincinnati that lasted about 4 hours. During that time, I was wanting to do some things around here but I ended up not doing them. I was in a strange mood earlier. I had watched a clip that someone shared on FB that made me get tear eyed. When it was done, I found myself sobbing like a baby. Then I was kinda down the rest of the time. I haven't a clue what that was all about. But, I have had one emotional day!

I started to feel a little better when hubby got home. He had me get ready while he was on his way and we went to Walmart. We picked up some snacks for my Sunday School class tomorrow & a Blu-ray. We picked up some subs from Subway (one that is inside Walmart) for dinner. Once we got home, we put our Blu-ray in. We got the extended version of The Hobbit. I had been wanting to see it. Well, guess what? I fell asleep while watching it. Travis kept waking me up throughout the whole thing. I know I missed really good parts though. So I am gonna have to watch it again. Guess I got too comfy on the couch.

We have church tomorrow. Since our Pastor is out of town, hubby is preaching tomorrow night. Looking forward to that! I am ready to teach my Sunday School class in the morning. Got Monday off because of the holiday and then going back to work on Tuesday!

Thankful day 9: I know I already said I was thankful for family. But today I am thankful for my sister. Actually it is her 30th birthday! She has been through a lot in her life. She was born with hydrocephalus and has had many surgeries and has overcome. Proud to be called her Big Sis. Glad that we can stay in touch even with me being 5 hours away.

Have a happy nite,

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