From The Past

So, today I got email from If you don't know what it is, you can send an email to yourself at a specific date. I just so happened to write the email 11 months ago and 30 days ago on November 15, 2012. Here is what it said:
Dear FutureMe,
I would hope that by this time you have fallen pregnant and due sometime soon or within the next few months. Lately, you have been wanting a baby. So, I hope that your wish comes true.
What did you do today?
You helped your MIL out at her house. You dusted, moved nativities and added Bengal stuff to the shelf. You got $15 out of it. Yay for money! You are currently unemployed so maybe by the time you are reading this, things will be different.
You went to Starbucks today and got BOGO Creme Brulee Lattes. Very yummy. And you are currently watching CTFxC and waiting for the UPS man.
That is all. Go back to and write again. This was fun.
Fingers Crossed in hopes of a bambino!!

Isn't that something? I kinda like it though because you can see where I was and where I am now.  Even if it is about the same place. Right now, what is funny is that at that time I was laid off at the IRS and currently I am there for a bit before Christmas. But if they hadn't called me back I would have still been laid off from this current season. I noticed recently that Starbucks has their Holiday Lattes on sale at BOGO. I should really get one soon.

I am not pregnant and haven't fallen pregnant. I am thinking about writing another future email to myself. Not sure if I will include the same things though.  I was surprised when it came in my email! And it was nice to see what I did that day.  Almost like looking back at posts here.

Anyways, today started the candy making at my MIL's. I'll post some pictures tomorrow!

Day 15:
Thankful for God's timing. I know I am not pregnant yet and I know it is hard for me to become pregnant with PCOS and diabetes on top of that, but God is in control. He is a God that doesn't care about infertility and disease.

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