I Didn't Volunteer For It, But I Like It.

I got to work and worked for about 30 minutes and then got told to go to ISRP department (paper docs.) They asked for volunteers on Friday and from the looks of it a lot did volunteer, but I guess that want enough. We didn't volunteer, but my friend and I were told to go down there too. Honestly, I really don't mind. I love that part of Data better than Scrips. We will be down there all week I think. Oh and we have a Thanksgiving dinner coming up on Thursday! I donated money for that. I hope it is good.

MIL wanted to go to Wendy's right after I got off work. She got me a Spicy Chicken Sandwich. It was good. We made some more candy tonight but I didn't take one picture! I just now realized that while typing this and wish I had took some. We made some nutcrackers, caramels, more peanut butter cups & peppermint bark. Yummy!

We met hubby at Walmart when my MIL was taking me home. He had to get oil for our car. She got some cherries and chow mein for some other candies we are doing this week. We had Jimmy Johns for dinner. I had an Beach Club Unwich in hopes that I didn't raise my sugar any more. I have an appointment in the morning. I really hope she can give me some encouragement to get myself on target again.

Thankful Day 18: Thankful for a job at the moment because the holidays are here. I am hoping that I can find something else once laid off around Christmas time. We are getting closer to Christmas and I need to make a list and do some Christmas shopping!

Have a happy nite,

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