I Love The Fall

Today has been a wonderful Sunday. We had a Missionary family -The Bensons- with us this morning. I didn't get to see their presentation or visit their table that was in the foyer. I was doing my normal Sunday morning stuff. We have kid's praise and worship downstairs and then we went upstairs for our classes. So, I was teaching my preteens today. I taught about Abraham's faith. We can all learn to listen to God and then to obey Him.

We got invited out to eat with them and our Pastor & wife. We went to Anita's Mexican Bar & Grill. We have gone several times with Pastor & wife. It is a good authentic place. I had the fish tacos with rice and beans. Very yummy. It was good to fellowship.

Took these pictures today and put them into this collage.
The one that is my favorite is the bigger one. I was sitting in our car at UDF waiting on Travis and captured it. I love the church that is on the hillside in Cincinnati. This church is so pretty at night. Well from what I can see from being on the bridge at night. I need to try to get a picture of it then. Anyway, it was great finding some pretty fall trees and scenery to take a picture of. Aren't they pretty?

We had church this evening and then went to TGIFridays with our friends, Chris and Tiffhanie. It is always a nice time with friends.

Being thankful Day 3: I am thankful for a church family! I am thankful for a wonderful Pastor and Pastor's wife. We just honored them tonight in our Church service for Clergy Appreciation (It was the month of October.) It is great to have Sis. Smith as someone I look up to and admire. Definitely a mentor. We also showed appreciation to our Assistant Pastor & wife. They are great and we definitely appreciate them and all they do! So glad they pray for us.

Well that is all for now, more tomorrow.

Have a happy nite,

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