Life Update: I'm Back!

Hey everyone :) I'm back. Happy November to you! I was at another blogger's page and she just started blogging again after a hiatus from her blog. It got me thinking that I have been gone for way too long. I've been wanting to write and just put it off. I've been wanting to document certain things in my life and I haven't done that. It annoys me really. And you know I would start writing stuff down in an actual journal or notebook, but I type faster! So I came back to Blogger in hopes to get some of my thoughts down, share things like I have before and hopefully stick to it more faithfully.

I am currently laid off at work and trying to find something else because I didn't get unemployment this time. They said I didn't work enough quarters. Oh well. This season was the longest I have worked so far. I was there from February to September! I should be called back there in February. If I find something before that is better all around then I will probably leave there. I did have someone contact me from a temp agency that I applied at. I don't know if an interview is going to come from it or not. She said she was pretty sure that they would want to but I haven't heard anything yet. I need to apply at several more places.

My health is the same as before mentioned. Actually a little worse. Working on it.

Travis has been on vacation all of this week and goes back on Thursday. Last night, we went to Maysville to visit a church that we sponsor each month in Home Missions. It was great to fellowship with the church and with our friends, the Youngs. We went out to eat with them afterwards! We got a pizza called the Monster (very fitting for it being Halloween last night. Just thought of that.) The pizza was the size of a sheet cake. It was really good! The weather on the other hand was not. It was raining the whole time except for about 3 hours while we were in church and eating at the restaurant. We had a hard time getting home because it was storming pretty bad in parts and our car's lights don't work properly. We finally made it to Meijer in Cold Spring. We walked around, went to the restroom and got a drink for the rest of the way home. When we came back out to the car, there was a tremendous downpour causing carts to fly in the parking lot. One hit our car in the back and I saw another cart hit an SUV. I saw this afternoon that we had a scratch on our car. Our car has been through a lot but that is another story!

One thing I want to do is the being thankful thing for the month of November. It is going around FB. But I think I did it for a while last year. So, Day 1: I am thankful for my God. He died for me & He rose again. And He is coming back one day for me. He is the Mighty God.

Tomorrow, I plan to start posting about a few events that have gone on and maybe show some pictures!

Leave a comment and let me know that you are still around. Ask a question if you want and I'll do a question and answer post!

Have a happy nite,

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