New Tricks

Well besides getting sick after lunch, today was a great Sunday.  I taught Sunday school this morning.  I taught about saying No to the devil.  After church I went out to eat with hubby and a group of our friends from church.  We had Mexican and it didn't settle well.

I was able to go to church tonight and hear my handsome hubby preach!  He preached a message titled "Interrupting The Inevitable."  He went from the scriptures John 8:1-5.  He spoke about how the woman was accused of her sin (caught in the very act of adultery) but how Jesus had interrupted the inevitable.  The inevitable was her being stoned because of her sin. But Jesus interrupted that and forgave her.  So glad that Jesus forgives us of our sins. 

Tonight, I tried to learn a new trick.  I bought a crochet kit and I am trying to teach myself. As much as the diagrams look easy in this instructional book, they are not easy!  I will put a DVD in tomorrow and see if that works better because reading this book might be more confusing than listening to someone and watching what I need to do. 

Try something new this week.  Whether it is learning something new or eating something different.  Challenge yourself.  Well, tomorrow I have lots to do and I go back on Tuesday to work. So, I plan on enjoying it! 

Day 10: I am thankful for food, shelter & transportation. I might complain about getting sick after a meal but at least I have a meal to eat. I might not like living in this tiny place sometimes but I have a roof over my head and even though our car has issues at least it still runs! :)

Have a happy nite,

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