Saturdays Don't Last Long Enough

As promised here are some pictures of yesterday's making candy adventure! We made it right after I got off work. Well first we stopped by Fantasy n' Frosting on Monmouth to pick up some items that we need for this holiday season and then headed back to my MILs. I am not sure what year this makes it of me making candy and cookies with my MIL and Granny but I really enjoy it.

Here is a picture of me in a festive apron. LOL Even if the photo has half my head off. Oops.

Two-toned Crackly Bark. I tried a piece of this today and it is yummy! It is our first year making it.

Crispy Snowman

One of my faves, Reese Peanut Butter Cups! We use Reese's Peanut Butter.

Here is a neat idea that my MIL did.  It is Jiffy Pop with a printable on top.  Cute idea to add in a basket or something.

More to come!  I am making other candy on Monday!! I can't remember what it is that we are making though.

Today we went over to the in-laws because the insurance guy was meeting us to talk about Travis' life insurance policy.  After that we went to have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Shame on me for only eating one meal today. Oh well. We decided to go to Mad Mike's (similar to Five Guys except they have burgers to choose from as well as create your own).  I got a Shroomin Burger.  It was basically 2 patties with pepper jack cheese, grilled onion, bacon, mushrooms, mayo and their special sauce.  It was really good but probably really bad for me.  We had some fries too. I love fresh fries with malt vinegar.  Nothing like them!

When we came home we walked to Biggby Coffee because we hadn't really started off our day with caffeine and we needed the energy!  Plus it is a nice treat. I had an Almond Blizzard Latte. Very good. And at this late in the day, I am still very wired.

Done a bit of cleaning and watched a few Youtube videos.  Now, I am about to iron tomorrows clothes! Make sure my lesson is good to go for Sunday School and then head to bed. Saturdays sure don't last long enough.

Day 16: I am thankful for the moments that I share/make with family and friends.  For example, candy making with my MIL and doing cookies with her and Granny.  Those are the traditions that I will probably never forget.  Even if we didn't do it next year or year after that I still would look back on it and remember it.

Have a happy nite and a wonderful Sunday,

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