Today was my first day back to work since I was laid off in September. The first hour I read the IRM (instructions basically for the system/docs we work on.) The reason why is because the system wasn't letting some of us that came back today sign on. Once we were able to sign on, I was able to do some work. I went back to it like I never left. It was easy to pick back up. Today there was a health fair at work to tell us all about the insurances. It gave us an extra hour to check that out as well. With having an hour all together of breaks as well as the 2 hours for reading and the health fair, I only worked around 5 hours. Not bad at all. Today was a success.

Rumor has it that we will be there for aboout 6 weeks which will make me being laid off around Christmas time. We will see. One of the managers said that there is enough work to last until Christmas.

Nothing much else has happened today. Just a bit of work around the house. Taco Bell was picked up for dinner because what I was gonna make wasn't thawed out. Now it is time to head to bed and repeat. But probably more work and less play tomorrow. Well I'll get to play tomorrow night because hubby and I are doing Children's Church. But at work, it will be work.

Day 12: I am thankful for technology. Sure, I could live without it but it makes it so much nicer to have a smartphone and be able to get online. I met my husband online. If it wasn't for the computer, we would have never met. Also, today me and my MIL were trying to figure out how to say Elasticity. Well, I used my phone and looked it up. It pulled up on free dictonary and then I was able to have the pronunciation played out. Now tell me you don't thank God for technology. If it wasn't for technology you wouldn't be reading this. ;-)

Have a happy nite,

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