Thunder and Lightning, very very frightning!

Today was crazy! We had Sunday School this morning.  All the studying I did, didn't matter because my class along with another class stayed downstairs practicing lines for our Christmas program. We will probably do that for the rest of this month and next until our program is over.  Actually, I was told that the Sunday right before Christmas we will be doing crafts with the kids. We will have two parties in a row. One after the program on the 15th and then one while we do Christmas-y crafts on the 22nd.

This day was full of severe thunderstorms, tornado watches and warnings, and strong winds.  It was raining when we went to Larosa's.  Finally got my salad. Yay! It stopped raining after we were done eating and hubby thought we were going to be okay weather wise.  I told him to wait 5 minutes. LOL We went into Kroger to look for something sweet but didn't find anything.  We did stop by the samples table. It was cheese samples and the ones that we tried were amazing cheeses.  They cost so much per pound though.  We may get some in the future though.  I'd love to make some gourmet grilled cheese.  The associate was great too.  She kept giving hubby and I more cheese.  She said that is what she was there for and told us that every time we shop we should get at least one cheese sample from someone behind the counter.  I didn't know that they did that. Definitely doing that cause I love cheese! haha

Because of the weather, church was canceled tonight.  I am glad because it did get bad outside.  At one point, we went downstairs when the sirens went off. We noticed that there were some glass windows down there so we came back up and stayed in our kitchen area away from the windows.  Prayers go out to those who were affected by the tornados that hit down.  Poor Illinois.  There was a picture I saw of an Elementary school with only metal left standing.  Natural Disasters are no joke.  Whole towns destroyed.  People killed. Which brings me to the Philippines Typhoon.  They are still searching/finding people.  Pray for them too.

Day 17:
Thankful that we were kept safe from the storm.  And thankful that when the storms of life come our way, usually they don't last that long because storms pass by pretty quickly.

Have a happy nite,

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