Very exhausted.

Exhausted right now, I almost decided to skip a post and thought I should keep it up! I had an appointment today for my diabetes. The doctor didn't discuss any numbers or any test results which was a little weird. But, she put me on another medicine called Invokana and gave me a script for prescription fish oil since the store bought ones are not working in bringing down my triglycerides/cholestrol. The medicine is newer on the market this year. Hoping that it works alright.

I have an appointment in another month to discuss the progress of the new medicine and see where my sugars are at then.

My friends Tiffhanie and Chris found out today that she are having a baby boy! Super excited for them. I had a feeling it was a baby boy for a while now!

Thankful Day 19:
I am thankful for the Lord on my side.

Have a happy nite,

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