Wahoo! Weekend Begins.

I am super glad that it is the weekend. Got my laundry done. Dishes are all done.
Went out for dinner at Buffalo Rings & Wings. We had a few issues there but in the end filled our tummys. It would have been better had they not ran out of burgers. Both hubby and I ordered a burger and she came back and said they were out of them.

We are going to a wedding tomorrow for a lady from hubby's work. Not sure what else we are doing tomorrow but I need to get some items at the store. I need to make some Pumpkin Bars for our church Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday.

Google has an awesome doodle game right now. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary! Too cool. Not the greatest timing but it took me a while to figure out how it worked. I was using my keyboard arrows and didn't realize I could use my mouse. LOL I may have to play it again to try to beat my time.

Here is a picture of me in my "The Minions Have The Phone Box" shirt from a few weeks ago. I was enjoying a latte at a local Biggby Coffee.

I love Doctor Who! lol

Thankful day 22: Today it rained. It looked dreary all day too. But, I am thankful for the rain. Because without the rain there wouldn't have been rainbows. After every storm there's always a rainbow that reminds us even through the storms of life we can look forward to brighter days ahead.
Give thanks for all things.

Sorry this is super short this evening!! TGIF! and Tomorrow's Saturday!!

Have a happy nite,

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